Feedback/Suggestions on some of my choices

Hello all,

I am looking into starting up my H/T system. The only thing I will be using from my current equipment is a pair of B&W 602s. They will be used for the rears. As of now I have made up a list of the equipment I am thinking about:

Rotel RSP 1066 processor ($1500)
Rotel RMB 1075 5 channel amp ($999)
B&W 604 series 3 for the front ($1400)
B&W LCR600 for the center ($500)

I will have about $5000 to spend. The prices listed are roughly MSRP but I am also going to be watching the classified section for used which would leave the door open to look at some other, possibly higer priced, equipment. So I am asking for any feedback or suggestions. I have listened to the Rotel duo with the 604s in a 2 channel application but have not yet listened to them in surround mode.

We are planning on moving to a larger house next year (the reason I have some money to spend this year) and one of my main goals is to have a dedicated "music/movie room". We have a Panasonic SuperFlat 27" TV and a Toshiba DVD player. One other item I am considering if I have some funds left over is the Sony DVP-NS999ES. A larger TV/Monitor will be a year or two down the road.

Thanks in advance for any info.
I like your taste in equipment. The sony may be a good piece, however it won't fit in with what you are buying. Don't do it. Use the extra money for a bigger tv.

Like "Elevick", I also like your taste in equipment. Your system sound strikingly similar to mine, only mines is anchored by an audio/video receiver (a Harman/Kardon AVR-210) instead of a separate pre/pro and amp setup like your setup is. I too have a Panasonic 27" SuperFlat Television (the TOL CT-27SF37 from 2000..... great picture and nice sound...... the best picture (so I think) aside from HDTV..... and the sound isn't all that bad either..... too bad it is not a HDTV ready set.... because it's a great set other than that) and a Toshiba DVD Player (a SD-2700 which I purchased in mid-to-late 2001), and so far, I haven't been disappointed with my setup. I also know what kind of picture my TV can really produce because before I got the Toshiba DVD back in mid-to-late 2001, my "telly" was connected to a Pioneer Elite DV-37, during which, it has produced a strikingly sharp picture. So I definitely know what my TV is capable of. I am also planning to purchase a used Sony DVP-S9000ES DVD Player sometime in mid March or early April (I am scoping the net for one as we speak), and when that player arrives, the Pioneer Elite DV-37 will return to my home theater and I will give the Toshiba to my girlfriend.

But anyway, I think all of your choices are very fine choices. Personally, I wouldn't change a thing. Just remember that when you get your next TV, make sure it is a high definition model, that's all.

Like I said, I like your system the way it is now. But when the basics are in place (like the speaker system and the electronics and cables), I would take a strong look at the Sony DVP-NS999ES though (here is where I disagree with "Elevick") if you have enough money leftover to purchase one. Even though your current set may not make full use of that player's capabilities, what you would be doing is using that player as a dual purpose player. You will have a very nice DVD player to play your DVD movies on now (stretching the performance envelope of your Panasonic SuperFlat (which I know from personal experience)), a very nice CD player in which to play your CDs and your SACDs (god forbid if you should decide to take the plunge and try this new format out), and thanks to the DVP-NS999ES' progressive scan capability, you will be ready for a HDTV when you purchase your next TV in the next year or two. You'll already have a player in place that will make the most of your new TV. All you have to do is make the appropriate adjustments.

As for speakers, if you like the B&W 600 series, then why not go with the bigger 604's as your fronts and use your existing 602s as the rears/surrounds??? You'll already be a step ahead of the game that way because you already have the 602s. If you want to round out the system, I would spend that extra money on a good subwoofer instead (a Sunfire True Subwoofer IV, an REL Strata or Storm, or one of the Velodynes in the HGS series would be ideal).

Just something for you to think about for a little while. Good luck hunting for that house.

Thanks for your remarks.


The plan is to use the existing 602's for the rears and purchase a pair of 604's for fronts. It sounds like you and I think along the same lines. I agree with you on the Panasonic set. Great picture!!


I am curious as to why you don't think the Sony would fit in. Is it because of the lack of an HD set? Or are there additional reasons? If so, I would like your feedback.

If I were going to look for a new TV it would probably be the Sony 40" HDTV set. I am partial to direct view sets. The problem is in our current home the TV would take up to much space. I would like to have most of the equipment purchased before we start house shopping next year. A new TV and DVD player (unless I have already purchased this) would be the first thing to look for after moving.

So does everyone think the B&W 600 series would be a good fit with the Rotel products? Yes it would be cheaper since I would have rears but if I could find a better setup and only have to buy some rears I would be open to suggestions.

Thanks again.
Hey, I'm thinking about getting very silmiar system as you stated, I think I'll get Rotel 1066 and thinking about between B&W 600 speakers and KEF Q

So how did you decided? and how do you like it?

How's Rotel 1066?