Feedback Question

I've had an interesting experience purchasing in here. I've thought about leaving neutral feedback letting everyone become aware of the sellers scruples. This would be fruitless if the seller is allowed to leave me neutral/negative feedback when none is merited?

I'm guessing just stay quiet and not say anything?
I admire you for considering this to be a dilemma rather than just blowing it off.

You risk your feedback history if you post neutral feedback and the seller decides to get revenge by posting bad feedback for you. Never been there, but my guess is that Audiogon will allow the seller to post neutral or negative feedback for you as well.
Give him negative feedback! Don't lose any sleep over it.
I had an experience in 2010 where a guy sold me a tube amplifier with a bad output transformer, then claimed that if anything had a problem, it HAD to have been my fault.

I took the matter to Audiogon, and after (literally) several months, they made a ruling that I would be allowed to submit negative feedback on the seller, while he could not reciprocate. Over the course of the dispute, his belligerent tone toward both Audiogon and myself eventually did him in. Coming away from this, my impression is that giving anything less than positive feedback would come under the rule of those that run the site. Their initial stance was this was a case of "he said, she said"; I think you may find yourself in the same position.
As a Buyer, if you make a commitment to buy an item and pay in a manner which is acceptable to the Seller in a reasonable amount of time you have completed your obligation. The Seller should give feedback at that time and I would urge the Seller to do so. Selling a misrepresented item then holding the Buyer hostage is BS.
Thanx for the response guys. It did help with my decision.

Seller did not enter feedback at time of purchase, he held back. He then shipped from Canada to Florida an FM Tuner that was poorly packaged. It sustain freight damage, externally and internally. The seller refuses to deal with me until he gets his Canada Postal Insurance. He would not accept responsibility for return shipping much less refund until then.

I had to get PayPal involved who escalated the dispute to a claim. I feel like everyone should know this sellers tactics. I will bite the bullet and leave negative feedback now, knowing he will retaliate likewise.

We'll see how the Audiogon moderators end up dealing with it, it'll be interesting no doubt. I have to tell you it's giving me a new outlook with sellers in here, especially those not in the USA due to the customs paperwork.
This is the order how feedback works. The buyer receives item and leaves feedback then the seller returns feedback. That's the way I always have done it on here and Ebay.
Yogi, wrong...seller leaves feedback once item is paid for. What would the seller have to complain about after that? Buyer fulfilled his obligation.

Buyer receives item and notes it is what the seller listed as then leaves his.

Seller waiting to leave feedback after the buyer is nothing more than 'hostage' tactics. Very unprofessional and should raise red flags in one's mind every time.

Rrog hit it dead on with his comments.
Mental,When I sell something I always tell buyer to leave feedback if satisfied with item then I return feedback. That way I know everyone is happy with sale. With over 300 transactions on here and Ebay it has always worked that way for me.
I've done it exactly like Yogiboy. It baffles me why you would do it the other way around. The buyers the one taking the biggest chance. The seller could be leaving feedback after shipping a fire log since he shipped after Pay Pal cleared the payment. Nobody ships until the payment has cleared or at least I don't.

I ship you a fire log. You receive a fire log. You leave negative feedback that I shipped you a fire log. Then the dispute begins.

If the seller left feedback first, what does he say? He says 'Bob was a great buyer. His PayPal account cleared and he didn't complain when he received the item." That's stupid.
You do it the other way around because that is the proper order. When the Seller receives payment the Buyer has fulfilled his obligation. Please explain why the Seller should not give feedback.
Audiogon has it set up in that order. Both have to leave feedback to finalize transaction. If both do not exchange feedback it will never get posted. And they state buyer leaves feedback first. What else can I say? That is the way it is!
Dang Yogi, Augon really suggests feedback be left by the seller first? Hmph, didn't know that. I learn something new every day in here. I've been doing the ebay thing since '06 and wasn't aware their policies were like that too. I'll have to look into why that is. Anyways, I'm not above learning guys, cheers.
Mental,I said by the buyer first. Go to support center how to buy it is under proceeding with the transaction! Check it out .
Mental, through the years, it has become well established that when a component gets damaged in the shipping process, the seller must refund the purchaser's money. Not when the seller receives their refund from the shipping company, but now.

Now that you've clarified the situation, I recommend opening a formal dispute with the seller through Audiogon if he will not immediately refund your purchase. I can tell you from personal experience that Audiogon's aim is to protect the buyer in these instances. In doing so, they protect the site and the buying process overall, as if the confidence in Audiogon is lost, so is the site itself. You've done a good thing in coming to the forum. Now, it's time to escalate things to the group that can meaningfully act on things on your behalf.
Yogi, typo on my behalf. I did mean buyer first. Not enough coffee in me when I posted this mornin > eek

Trelja...nice post, I will. Thanx
The confidence in this site has to do with the members no more no less.
08-10-13: Rrog
As a Buyer, if you make a commitment to buy an item and pay in a manner which is acceptable to the Seller in a reasonable amount of time you have completed your obligation. The Seller should give feedback at that time and I would urge the Seller to do so. Selling a misrepresented item then holding the Buyer hostage is BS.
Ron, the buyer has not fulfilled his obligation until he receives the item and does NOT raise unwarranted complaints, such as falsely complaining that the item has been misrepresented and demanding a refund. Perhaps due to buyer's remorse, perhaps because the item didn't perform in his system as he had hoped, or for any of many other reasons that are conceivable.

When the buyer submits positive feedback it signifies that the transaction will end successfully, and that positive feedback provided by the seller will not subsequently prove to be unwarranted.

-- Al
Mental, thank you for the warning. Any shipping damage is the responsibility of the seller. Period. You did not receive the item in satisfactory condition. I use PayPal and pay by credit card. The seller should refund the money immediately. The buyer should refuse to accept the package. I will not use that seller in the future. He must take full responsibility and refund the money immediately. End of story.
Hi Al, I understand your point, however, I disagree.
I wanted to say thank you to all for your input.

I wont go into details but the seller retaliated with negative feedback and I challenged it. His rebuttal was even lower than I would have anticipated, but, the emails exchanged between us showing his tactics prevailed in the end.

I have a new outlook and respect for the Augon system and the members that frequent this forum. Thanx again :)
Wanted to give you guys an another update, just how low some folks can stoop. As I posted earlier the guy kept lying to the mods in here about what transpired. The mods saw through him and stopped him from retaliating with negative feedback.
Now he has taken it a step farther and complained to paypal saying I didn't send all the pieces back. This is retaliation from what transpired in here. He has sewed up my lil ole $150 and hoping to cause me inconvenience if not more. Some people's actions are so low it's unreal. Someone tell him I leave tips bigger than that > grinz
I have to laugh, I have not run across this behavior in so long, I forgot it existed. Anyways, you just never know who you're dealing with.
I guess he doesn't realize everyone, including paypal, keeps a history of claims that they reflect back on for future reference. He got his mail insurance, got the tuner back, and still that's a seasoned scammer.
We live in tougher times which will bring out scammers by the
hoards, you must exercise caution when dealing with a seller
or buyer for that matter, especially if they have no feedback.
Check the feedback and get a phone number so you can talk to
that person, you can learn alot over the phone about the
product and or person. Supposingly if someone leaves you
negative feedback that is obvious unwarranted, audiogon should
be able to remove it.