Feedback question.

I'm curious regarding some of the feedbacks for my A'gon sales. I've sold a few pieces equipment to members who have then sent positive feedbacks stating that I was a purchaser of their equipment. I even got a similar feedback from a member whom I've never dealt with. Is this done to underhandedly give themselves positive feedbacks or just a mistake? Has any other member had a similar experience?
I'm not using my member name to avoid bad vibes for myself and those who have sent feedbacks.
I would consider myself fortunate. At least they are leaving positive feedback. Rather than no feedback like a lot of people do. Or worse yet, negative feedback.

People can and do get in a hurry. And make mistakes. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong.
might have been a mistake. No, just because someone posts feedback for you doesn't buy them anything at all.
Why not email the party & ask them; maybe you just forgot?
If you're in this audio game long enough, buying and selling stuff, that is: you, all of us, will get the feedback we deserve.