Feedback on Zu Audio Soul Supreme?

Anyone own or heard these? Looking for opinions, good, bad or indifferent.


I 've owned a pair for approximately a year. They are fabulous speakers. I upgraded from the Soul Superfly which was pretty significant upgrade. I'm using an Atma-sphere S30 amp 30 watts/ch OTL which drives them easily.

They have great transparency, tone and imaging. The base goes down to the mid to low 30's and has a fast leading edge. They will work well your Quicksilver amps. One of the nice things about these speakers is their good with modest components but can be paired with extraordinary components without holdings things back.

I noticed on your system page that you have Zu speaker cables. They can be upgraded to the Speakeron B3 connector at no charge which provides a small upgrade in sound by itself. Maybe consider that after you decide if the Supreme's are keepers. (maybe even sell the Libec and Wax cables and get a Mission or Event cable, finances permitting)

Lastly, they come with a 2 month home audition so you get to decide for yourself. Their a great company to do business with and have great customer service.
Firstly I apologize to the forum for multiple posts. Agon being somewhat unreliable at times, I thought my initial two didn't make it.

Secondly, thanks for your input. I will be auditioning a used pair on Saturday for potential purchase.

What other speakers have you owned or compared them to?

What improvements over the Superfly and original Soul did you hear?

I have to sell my Unifield 3s due to space issues and am looking for something smaller