Feedback on Vinyl Nirvana Thorens Turntables

I would appreciate any feedback/opinions from people who have any experience with Vinyl Nirvana's Thorens turntables which have been modded by Dave.   
Thanks much

Suggest you go to V.N's video and check out Daves rationale  for the restored vintage Thorens and their expected lifespans. I'v had a 125II, TD 150, and TD 160 super, and I've been happy with all of them and V.N.'s service.

I had Dave’s VN150 with an Ortofon 2M Bronze for about 13 months. It was an excellent table and gave me a lot of enjoyment.

Prior to the Thorens I had been using a Linn LP 12 for about 24 years. I replaced the springs/grommets/belt/oil every 3 -4 years, but did no other Linn upgrades.

I enjoyed the sound of the Linn, but felt that the restored Thorens from Dave was an easily discernible step up in performance.

Decided to try a non-suspended table, got the VPI Prime, and sold the Thorens. The Prime did offer a significant performance boost, but it should have given a price that is over 2 times that of the restored Thorens.

Dave does excellent restorations and is very good to work with. I hold him and his restored tables in high regard.

How was the resale value of Dave's table cbeam? I almost bought a TD160 Super from him but in the end I purchased a VPI Scout 1.1 with Ortofon 2M Black for a really good deal. Dave's tables are gorgeous. It was a hard decision and he is a super nice guy.