Feedback on Sunfire Reference Preamp

I bought a B&K Ref 3 MK 2 preamp not knowing it did not have a phono stage. I found a great deal on Audiogon on the Sunfire Refernce preamp. I am buying it as I have had little luck finding a good , low cost phono stage. Therefore I wil be giving up the tuner function for a good phono stage. I have about 200 vinyl records that I miss. I just upgraded my cartridge to a Goldring 1042, tried a NAD PP2 with dissapointing results. The phono stage on the NAD seemed flat and the highs and lows seemed to roll off. Seems as though one has to spend a great deal on the phono stage to get good performance as the TT signal goes through too many "stations and the sound is diluted by the time I hear it through my Vandy 2 CE sigs.

Anyone with knowledge of the Sunfire unit? Am I trading down in sound quality.

Did you buy it ?
Tried the Sunfire for about a month. Soundstage was good, detal good but, sounded dry and hard. Sold it for about what I paid for it. Since then, bought a counterpoint SA3 and used as a phono stage through the B&K. Sounded so good that I ran my CD through it also. Decided that I was missing something by running through the B&K so I solds the CP and am selling the B&K. Boght an ARC SP9 MK2. Phono sounds excellent but, linestage not quite as good. Looing for some NOS tubes to replace the Grand Dragons that came with the unit. Selling my B&K power amp in favor of a McCormack DNA-1 that I picked up locally. Hopefully I can stop for a wile but, this is contagious.

Anyway, the Sunfire got great reviews but, it just did not do it for me...