Feedback on Omega Mikro cables and Ic's

Does anyone have any experience with or have heard the Omega Mikro speaker cables or Ic's?
I have several sets of Omega Mikro ICs and think they're outstanding, far better than the Kimber KCAG and AQ Diamond/Lapiz cables they replaced. The only downside is their fragility. Mine is a tube system; don't know how they would sound with SS gear. Cheers, Dave
I am trying to get some feedback as to how they compare to Valhalla or Tara Labs The One. Cyrus
I owned the Omega Micro Planar 3 and the Ebony IC's. I now own the Valhalla. The Omega are very good and real close in performance. They are fragile and tweeky looking but do a wonderful job. Highly recommend an audition.
Cyrus, I sell the Omega Mikro line of cables. I find them to be exceptional and far surpassing cables using dialectric. Once you've gone totally "nude" ,you'll never go back. If you change your cables regulerly you might run into problems,but as long as you handle them by the rcas you will do just fine. If your rack is an open architecture affair, the cables will dress themselves. If I may be of assistance to you,please contact me. I have used all of O.M.s cables beginning with the AnalogII ic/PlanarIII speaker cable to the latest Ebony Silver LCX ic and Planar IV spkr. A great cable and one that is often over-looked. Not for the heavy handed. Once you have heard them, the balance of musicality and detail of presentation will bowl you over. It really does get out of the way of the music. Good luck on your quest! Tom