Feedback on new Ayre MX-R Monoblocks

I've been a big fan of more musical producing amps and systems like Linn. I hear that the new Ayre MX-R's blow the Linn stuff away. Looking for feed back and impressions on these new amps and an idea as to what kind of deal can be had to get them out the door.
I heard them briefly in the Analog room in San Jose. I'm not sure when they were turned on, I was told they were were broken in. Sounded poor at that time(I suspect they hadn't been on long from the sound), but I'm going back to hear them once they have been on all day.

Given Ayre's reputation I expect them to sound like Ayre's house sound - excellent, but cool SS.

To me, they're aesthetics are really beautifully done - great Industrial Design.

more later in January,
You really should read the other threads, as people who have purchased and lived with the Monoblocks chime in there. Personally, I believe the MX-Rs are a perfect compliment to Vandersteen 5As, which is why I ordered a pair after listening to them extensively (at which time they had been on for more than 24 hours, which does make a difference according to my dealer). It is my understanding that 3 people in the biz (a designers, manufacture and reviewer, respectively) whose systems are built around 5As, each now have the MX-Rs as part of their reference systems (at least one of whom was a die-hard tube guy previously). I believe the MX-Rs to have better three-dimensiality that any solid state amp I've heard, something good tube amps have typically done much better until now. I agree with the industrial design -- now to find a visual and sonic match on the amp-stand front.
I agree with Teajay's basic comments i.e. the Pass amps sound more natural and "organic" than the Ayre's. With that in mind, the Ayre's sound more natural and organic than the newer Linn's. Obviously, where any of these three fit in the grander scheme of things / pecking order of amplifiers boils down to system synergy and personal preference. Sean
Given what I've read, I think that burn-in and cable/wire selection have a tremendous impact on the MX-R performance. I've been a long time Linn supporter based upon their earlier musical, rounded sound (Klout) but am looking for more detail, soundstage, and neutrality without the class D switching. I like the LAMM's (M2.2) sound, but the size and power consumption are not as appealling as the smaller SS MX-R or Klimax Solo footprints.
I just demoed the Ayre MX-R connected to a Shindo tubed pre amp, Esoteric 03, Wilson Maxx II's, and Siltech cables/inter-connects. Sounded unbelievable! I can't believe that any would call these dry and lifeless if they've been set up properly. It was neutral, detailed, and projected large sound stage.