feedback on modified icon

hi- i'm looking for opinions on a cal audio icon modified by Great Northern Sound and/or Stan Warren or Dan Wright's mods on pioneer dvd players.Is the $900-$1200 best spent this way,as part of a 3-4k system?
thanks in advance-
All Stan Warren cares about is the Burr Brown DAC in the Pioneer. So you can get the entry level model for $150. His mods are $250. So your're only talking $400. It will destroy any CD player under $1000. It should be fine for your system. A cheaper, lower resolution system would not do Stan's mods justice.
Sugarbrie as usual is dead on regarding his comment on the Modified Pioneer DVD player from Stan Warren. Just this week I strongly suggested to Stan to RAISE his prices. Unfortunately, too many audiophiles are not realizing what he gives them for their money. As usual though, Stan did not take my advice regarding charging the kind of money his so-called "competitors" charge. Stan has assured himself a place next to the "big guy", once he moves on from this life!

At this point in time I know of no other cd player on the planet (and I've listened to quite a few models having a best freind that is an equipment reviewer) that will compare to a Stan Warren modified player below the $500 price point. His modded players are truly high end sounding without the "high end" pricing.