Feedback on McIntosh Mc-402 amplifier

I have a pair of Aerials model 9's spaekers, Krell KRC-3 pre-amp, Adcom 5800 amplifier, Krell 300cd cd player, Rega planner 25 turntable with an Ear tube phono pre-ampa and MIT 750 speaker cables with matching interconnects. I'm looking to upgrade my amplifier (I bought the Adcom to use as a temp. amplifer) I have read the the Mac.has the control and bass of a high current ss amplifer but also the magic of tubes in the vocals. A high current ss that sounds like a tube amplifier is this true? I have owned a Audio Research vt100 mk 11 (an excellent amplifer) which had a great resolution and detail but the sound was a hair to the side of analyical. (no tube warth or "tube magic")
How is the Mac with resolution and detail? I quess I'm looking for an amplifer with a Krell like bass but with Conrad Johnson vocals and Audio Research resolution. Now I relize that this is probably impossible but how close does the McIntosh mc402 come to this?
I have a McIntosh MC 402 and like it very much. I agree with the assment of what you have read about the sound and believe it to be warmer than most solid state amps with great resolution and detail. You will not be disappointed with the base. However, only you can make a meaningful evaluation in your own system. Many McIntosh dealers will let you audition in your own system.
I also agree that the MC402 manages to pull off tube sound with accuracy and resolution of SS. I personally find it incredible but I can't afford it yet. Indeed, McIntosh dealers are generally good at lending equipment out so give one a try! Arthur
I am a happy 402 owner. I went through 2 dozen or so amplifiers in the past year and a half. The McIntosh will be my last for a long, long time.

It has the magic of tubes IMO, and it has utmost control of my very hard to drive speakers. Strangely enough, it is not only as magical as the most magical amps I've heard, but it also has insane amounts of detail and lacks the veil that comes along with that magic most of the time.

It garners my highest recommendation and is truly one of the best amplifiers in production today, IMO.
My local audio salon has a mc-204 demo for sale. Do you folks think this amp will drive my speakers? I rotate between Thiel CS-6's, Acoustat Spectra 33's (big electrostatic speakers) and B&W 801's. I current use VTL 300 Deluxe Mono Blocks and I'm think about getting away from these wonderful and much loved ROOM HEATERS! It gets a little hot here is the Vegas area is the summer, LOL.
Did you mean MC-402? My "guess" is that being you love the VTL's, you'll be disappointed with the switch.
I must have had mild case of dyslexia this morning or not enough coffee. Brian, Yes i really love the sound of the amps. I tried Classe CAM 350 SS mono blocks last year for two months. They didn't give me the WOW. I go through this every spring before I get my first AC bill. I am going to do an in store audition to see if the "MC-402" is worth bring home for a trial with my gear.