Feedback on legacy sig III speakers?

I just ordered a pair of sigIII from legacy in the natural cheery finish. I looking for feedback on them suich as how do you like them, what amplification do you use? anything you could tell me. thank you
might be some help
I own a pair of Legacy Signature III speakers, I’ve owned them for seven years. I find them a very good value in the areas of over all sound, quality drivers and parts and excellent craftsmanship. Before someone out there blasts what I just said I’m aware that there have been several threads over the last year stating that inferior drivers and parts were used including less then satisfactory workmanship. All I can say is if that is the case my speakers are NOT like that. I have been very pleases with them.
I have driven them with every thing from a 5-watt single ended pair of monoblocks (tube) to a 40 watt SS receiver to a SS high current 400-watt amp. I will admit the Signature III’s sound better with a high current amp with at least 150 watts into 8 ohms, off course the speakers are 4 ohm so it’s to your advantage.
The website that Ezmeralda11 gave in the post above is helpful (an example of how Audiogon members help each other out);-)
I hope you find this helpful, feel free to email me with any specific questions.
I have had a pair for 18 months and I cannot be more happy with them. They are superb speakers. I am currently using a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe which will drive anything. The only amps I would not recommend are any wimpy tube amplifiers. Even though the speakers are easy to drive I would recommend power to really make them sing.
I have a couple pair of the Legacy Classics I use for music and home theater and I love them. They do require a beefy amp to keep the bottom end under control (Your Sig III's will probably be easier because of the design). I use Sunfire Cinema Grands and biamp them, and it works great. It's a very nice laid back but still detailed sound, which works well for my application.
I own them as well and like them alot. They take a little while to break in. Also when you first get them the bass may seem boomy. This will pass when you play them for a while. Hope you live in a detached house , so you can loosen up the woofers w/o the neighbors killing you. Im driving them with a Classe 301, prior to that a Rotel.
One thing these speakers will benefit from is a speaker cable of sufficient quality to control the bass. Also do not place them too close to the back walls . Experiment, but try to keep them at least 2 feet away. Also when you first get them the rear dome tweeter may seem a little harsh. This also passes with break in. and once broken in , they have a killer midrange. You made a wise choice, Enjoy !
I sold my Martin Logan Aries i's and replaced them with a pair of used Sigs. What can I say, the Legacy's just blow the MLs away in EVERY catagory. I was a died in the wool electrostatic owner for many, many years. The Legacy's have freed me from a life of listening to small jazz groups, simple vocals and Harmonia Mundi lute music. The Legacys are MORE transparent than the MLs, WAY more dynamic, more extended on the top and the bass is to die for. I have a few friends who own SIG IIIs too ... what we have found is that the SIG sound their best when driven by tube amps. They are very efficient, so low powerd tube amps work well. One friend drives his with a modified Dyna 70. Don't laugh ... his system makes MUSIC! I use an Audio Research Classic 60, and the amp justs coasts with these speakers. For those who say to use high powered amps with the SIG IIIs, switch to tubes and be pleasantly surprised. Also, for a significant improvement, change out the binding posts for the top-of-the-line Cardas binding posts ... it's an ear opener.