Feedback on Goldmund Mimesis 39 CD Turntable?

Would like some feedback on this unit. Like cabling digital it has either coax or aes/ebu, power cords and last but least suggestions on a dac. My musical tastes are all over the board as are every ones. Related equipment a ML 380S preamp,Krellcx power amp which I am thinking of changing and Wilson Sophias which I might upgrade to the two statis or possibly the watt 7s sence the 8s are out now.PS the dac that I am using now is a borrowed ps audio ultralink and my original one box player was an MF A5.
I recommend whatever level TRANSPARENT cable you can afford.
Also the Placette Active is a preamp you should watch for. It is much more open and BETTER than the Lev-380s. I have a Goldmund 39CD, and it remains very nice. Good Listening, peter
I've had the mimemis 39 transport for some years and play it connected to a mimesis 10P++ dac using goldmund digital interconnects and have been quite satisfied. Recently I've played it connected to a Benchmark dac1 usb (also using the goldmund digital interconnects) and the sound has been very even to the mim 10P++. The dac1 has also afforded the opportunity to compare the mim 39's coax and balanced output signals side-by-side and they sound virtually identical. The balanced cables are homemade Belden 1172A Starquad cables with Neutrik connectors. Good luck. Brian.