Feedback on CARY products....

I liked what I heard from a Cary 300 SE integrated amp, I will audition it soon at home with my Virgos, I hope it will drive em. How about some feedback on Cary products, I will eventually listen to the 300 SE's and the 805's. Is all the hype warranted? Any other SET tube gear you guys would recommend? Cary has been around forever, it must be doing something right. Seems pricey though, what about Antique audio or even Cary's cheaper line, Audio Electronic supply??
My first system was a SLM 70. based . That was 12 yrs. ago.
To this day, I have never heard better midrange than a Cary based system. I have been on this site for over a year now and have never seen a pair of Cary SLM 70,s for sale. One thing I base a component on , Thats how many are for sale here on agon.
There is always something better for a cost, But with the proper speaker and silver cables( cary,s love silver cables)
the Carys well blow you away.
I have always been happy with my Cary 2A3 monoblocks. A good company that stands behind their products. I am not saying that other products are not better, I just like the way some Cary amps sound.
I had the Cary 300SEI and it didn't impress me at all. You could do better with a $1500 solid state.
I have an SLI-80 integrated and a CD-303 cd player.
Fantastic sound. Open, clear, realistic, musical etc.
Seem very reliable too.

I had a very high end solid state system (Krell, Levinson, etc.). I sold it all once I heard a pair of Cary 572 monoblocks. I couln't go back to the solid state stuff. I sold the 572 after a month to move up to the Cary 805C's. I now have their new 306/200 CD player and am waiting for their new SLP-2002 preamp to be released. I am using the SLP-50B preamp. An all Cary system. I agree with a previous poster about the silver interconnects. I am using the Kimber Select silver interconnects and speaker cables. My system sings! Buy Cary. You won't be disappointed.
I don't think you'll get any feedback with the Cary's : ). Actually I don't know what they are doing these days. And technically I believe there is feedback in any amplifier design somewhere. I've heard one or two of there's and wasn't too impressed, I'm on the SS side like Khaki8. My current amp is a hybrid, but if i could only do one it would be transistors. I won't say anymore 'cause the debates gone on long enough. But I would audition at least one or two nice SS amp-blind maybe. Ya, the tubes will have a warmer, mushier sound, but its not accurate and also compressed with lack of power. My two cents.
I have owned a lot of different solid state & tube amp's over the years, until I heard a pair of SLM 100's. Ever since all my stuff became Cary. Now I have SLP 90 / 300B SE / Cary CD300.
There all modified and it sounds like life-stage. My only dream is a pair of 805's some day. My speakers are Castle Winchester's (90db). Cary, if you love the music, says it all!
I owned the SLM-200's and had enough power for most speakers. Great sound. I also owned SLP-90 which is a midfi piece in my book. I've always had bad luck with tubes amps breaking so I now have Aloia amps and couldn't be happier