Feedback on Audioquest Diamond Ethernet Cables

I'm looking for feedback on the audio performance of Audioquest's top tier Diamond Ethernet cable.

We have a moderately high end system with Meridian's 861v6 processor and HD621 HDMI processor which spits video and audio signals for improved performance.

The audio signal is sent to the processor via an Ethernet cable, and I'd like to get other's feedback before purchasing one. We're currently using Meridian's flat Ethernet cable and it did make a slight improvement verse a standard CAT6 cable (most notably in the high frequencies).

Any feedback on the improvement on sound quality would be greatly appreciated.

Gratefully, TJF.
I really love AQ cables, but I question weather high end CAT 6 would really make any difference that you can see or hear. I would call The Cable Co. I'm sure they would have some in stock to lend you.

No to go too far off topic, but if you haven't done anything with your power cords, you may want to. Shunyata PC's make a huge difference with Meridian gear. I don't normally like to recommend cables that cost a lot of money, but in this case, I feel the price justifies the improvement.
You'll find a good deal of relevant discussion, and the expectable diversity of viewpoints, in this thread.

-- Al

Thank you for that link.

The entire thread was speculation, but the last post was exactly what I was looking for - someone who used a cable and shared their results.

Kindest regards, TJF.
Below is link to a thread I started almost two years ago on another forum touching on
the specific cable you ask. Ime, RJ/E cables do sound different - how much? -
depending on the resolving capabilities and transparency of one's system, then choose
the flavour which best suits your taste/preference. I still currently own the AQ Diamond
RJ/E but no longer using them as (in my system) I prefer the AIM Shieldio NA3.