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I just wanted to express how pleased I am with Audiogon. I couldn't be happier with how my recent auction went. The fee is much more reasonable than Ebay, and the buyer was great. Thanks for a great site!
Sure was nice when they only charged 2 dollars an ad, and had free wanteds. I would say the value they used to offer has dropped tremendously.

I agree. AudiogoN is an awesome site for buying/selling all things audio. I've had many (about 100 now) positive selling and buying experiences. I've also not had many scams or phishing expeditions thrown my way in response to my AudiogoN ads.


I also agree with you. AudiogoN seemed more like a community and less of a business when the fees were cheaper. It almost felt free! Six bucks is still a reasonable price to pay, especially considering the number of potential buyers that AudiogoN brings to the table.

All in all, I feel AudiogoN is the definitive solution for folks that want to buy or sell audio on the web. For me, my AudiogoN experience has been much better than my eBay experience for selling audio.


I think Audiogon provides an extremely good audience of potential buyers at a very reasonable price. If it goes to supporting the folks who run and maintain the site - it is money well spent. All my transactions have been positive, and I have met some extremely nice people.
Oh. I forgot to mention; the information and entertainment value of the site is priceless.
pubul57 all transactions have to be positive, since they won't let you leave negative feedback, kinda defeats the purpose of having feedback!
Nrchy, that's for sure. You give me negative feedback, nah, nee nah nee, I'll give you negative feedback back. Then, again, if a 'goner has a plethora of positive feedback it is unlikely that they will have an equal number of negative..I would feel safe going with an audiophool, here on the the 'gon, with a fast positive resume all the of probability: there will be a negative here and there, but I would hope that wouldn't be me...
"the information and entertainment value of the site is priceless".

And much of the information is entertainment.

The inability to leave negative feedback also makes people's ratings more entertainment than information. It seems like one of those warm cuddly exercises run amok.
I was not referring to the feedback, I meant to say that my personal dealings as a buyer or seller have all been positive; true it has only been 6-8 transactions, but overall I deal with audiogon members with a high level of confidence - not that there might not be a bad apple out there.
Audiogon has been very good, I met a lot a good audiophile
people in this site.This is more of a community.Most of
the members here are honest.Audiogon staff are very helpful.
Audio buys I have made on ebay have varied widely in quality of product received. Nothing like that for me on audiogon (except, I have learned not to by from Canada--see the other thread). The 'gonners know their equipment and how to describe it. People with 0 feedback and who take money order only...I avoid. Haven't sold anything here for a while, so not aware of price increases....Do not like the censorship of the posts that goes on, but it's a small price to pay.
Snofun3, you are probably right about the value of the ratings. I usually don't pay too much attention to them, if any. I go by my gut instinct based on how the person sounds, how interested in the hobby they seem, and other intagible factors. Fortunately, I have had nothing but good experiences so far. I hope I have not jinxed myself.
Could I be just as addicted to the Gon as I am to my audio sys? Sometimes I think so. I've learned so much here (thanks to all of you).

Sorry to say that I just had my first borderline lousy experience with a seller. The item I received (speaker cables) should have been rated a 4-5 of 10. The seller had them rated a 9/10. I was shocked at their condition. Fortunately, the seller refunded my money plus shipping both ways. But, it was a bit of a wake-up call. I'll be a bit more careful from here on.
I have to say without Agon I wouldn't have close to the system I have today. Nor would I have the knowledge I've gained either. Truly a worthwhile and addictive site. Happy listening!
Say what you want to, but I know that I used to have a nicer car, nicer clothes and a lot more discretionary income before I found Audiogon.....but, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love this place.
I had only one of many that went astray. The person I bought from was a dealer who went bankrupt, but amazingly 6 months later he made good on the original purchase. I agree that $3-4 and free wanted would be much better!
cdm, he refunded your money and paid for shipping both ways. Wake up call? where can you do better than that?
What makes you say you can't leave negative feedback?

I've seen lots of members with some negative transaction feedback.

For me, the feedback rating is very important...esp. a high value one with no negatives.
You can now only leave negative feedback if both parties agreed to it. The potential for this is???

The negative feedback you see is from before the new system with it's "improvements" was incorporated a couple of years ago.
Both parties have to agree? If that is the case the feedback is less than useless.
"cdm, he refunded your money and paid for shipping both ways. Wake up call? where can you do better than that?"

Warrenh... I commend the seller for refunding my money w/shipping, BUT, (message to sellers, everywhere) --- DO NOT exagerate the condition of the item you're selling! The cables I bought were "seller" rated 9/10. When I received them, the length of the jackets were covered in a sticky black adhesive residue, the jackets had multiple surface abrasions, the spades were bent, AND they were not configured the way the seller described them; they were wired for bi-amping, not bi-wire, as advertised. Would you have rated them 9/10? No, maybe a 5/10, max.

Here's the point --- my time (and money) are valuble. Don't waste either by makeing false claims regarding the equipment you're selling. This seller put me through the shipping/receiving hassle and tied up $600+ of my money for over two weeks.

Fortunately, this experience was the exception and not the norm, based on my several Audiogon trades. I still love this place!
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