feedback on a new system please

I finally am taking the step to get a good system in my nyc apartment. the main room for listening has appx. 10ft ceilings, and is 20x20. my intent however is not to fill or overwhelm the room (neighbors upstairs!).

I like a clean sounds without dominating bass. I do not want to play very loud. I have been considering the following combination:

arcam 33 cd player, appx $1700
krell 400xi integrated am, appx $2500
sonus faber auditor bookshelves, appx $4000

very open to feedback, in particular any viewpoints on the Musical Fidelity A5 vs. Krell 400xi (both are about $2500), and alternatives to the sonus fabers. thx!
what is your speaker placement? Some bookshelf speakers are much better sounding on stands while others are designed to be in a bookshelf. Rear porting can be a huge problem within 3 feet of a rear wall.
at present i have no equipment.
If you favor clean sound and not concerned about a deep rich bass, why dont you pair those monitors with tubes ? Tubes will sound great in a room that size and there are some great intergrated tube amps out there. To really stimulate you some are about half the price and they will look great. The Stereophile show is coming to NYC in a couple of months. If I had no equiptment and was interested in this hobby, I would defenitely attend a show.
Its your money you are spending.
Take a look at the Merlin TSM-MX speaker. I listened to both of these speakers and bought the Merlin's. Both are very good. You will need good stands with whichever speaker you buy. The Auditors are good speakers but I feel their stands are marginal. Remember the stands are just as important as the speaker. Good luck.
I second Bobheinatz suggestions concerning the Merlin TSM-MX. I own a pair, and I'm driving them with a Manley Stingray. Great combo, very involving! Took delivery of the TSM-MX, early May, and I've been nothing but impressed with the sound of those speakers. They're are mounted on Osiris stands, filled with sands.