Feedback and Sound of "Audio Nirvana" Speakers

Has anyone had any experience with the sound of the Audio Nirvana Speakers offered by Morrow or Common Sense audio? They claim they are better than the Fostex drivers??
Just bought a pair of the 6.5" drivers and I am planning on building a pair of the minimonitor style Commonsense Audio sent the plans for. I will let you know how the project goes.
Thanks, I am curious about them.
One of our customers just wrote us....

Nirvana Speakers...Bob Emanuel, Sidney, Australia:


Speakers received last week...

Magnificent! And they get better???? Cannot wait for the break-in period to arrive.

I had it plugged into a classic Williamson Amplifier, built in the 70's using 70's standard components and it was magic - I have never heard a speaker with such faithful reproduction. My 300B Monoblock, using more modern components, will be complete in a fortnight and I can't wait :)

At one stage an FM station was playing a live recording of a concert and I was able to identify the City Recital Hall in Sydney - our favorite concert venue - by the acoustics present. Very revealing indeed! I have not been able to do that with any other speaker.

Thanks and Cheers,

I built a couple pairs one using the Audio Nirvana tens and one pair using 2 8s each.
Break in is critical on them, but I ended up really liking the 10s. The goal was hi fi on the cheap, used a modded chinese tube amp and a music hall cd player and for under a grand got some pretty spectacular sound. I used the simple cab design on his site, but will build a horn cab for them in the near future. For the money they are great fun and on anything but heavier rock they are great. They are not forgiving speakers, crappy recordings sound REALLY bad. Good ones are a delight!
Does anyone else have feedback on "Audio Nirvana" speakers?

I'm hoping to get a pair of open baffle speakers that feature the Audio Nirvana 'Super 12 Cast Frame Full Range drivers and was wondering what anyone thought about them or Audio Nirvana speakers in general.

Anyone ever use open baffle speakers in a near field listening environment?