Feed back On NBS Omega II Power Cord

I can get Omega II PC at half price. Does anyone have experience with this cable? Is it a good value? How is its performance?
I just got my very first system, and thanks to you guys, I feel like I have never heard music the way it was meant. I still have all my original PC's. I'm a bit skeptical if PC's make a difference. I do not want to live in a cave, so I'll try one and experiment with all my electronics. I will try it with Krell Showcase Proc & Amp and my projector. If I can hear/see an improvement in performance, I will never doubt you guys again and replace all my PC's.

I ordered it. If I do not hear an improvement, I will sell it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
How much did you spend on the Omega power cord and what are your impressions. I purchased a monitor 0 for 1k and have been thinking about Omega series.
I am no audiophile; I am just getting into the hobby. But in case you still want my opinion...

I actually compared the Omega 2 to the Monitor 0, and liked the Omega 2 better. I thought I heard a more open sound stage. Defiantly, more energetic. I paid exactly half of retail. Anyway, I heard the improvement in a blind test over the original cables. I am still unsure if it worth the value. I feel like I paid premium to get very little improvement.