Feed back on ARC Ref II Tube Pre with Krell Amps

I am looking for first hand experience with pairing a Audio Research Ref II Tube pre amp with Krell 450MCX mono blocks. I know the krells need to be modified to work with tube pre amps because of a potential DC problem, but I am most concerned with how this combination sounds. If anyone has this type of setup or just using a tube pre with krell amps please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.
I once used a REF1 with my Krell 600c with no problems and without the DC block. I wasn't very impressed with the sound of the original REF1 but that was a long time ago. I have never had a problem using my amp with a tube pre but would be careful if not adding the DC blocking capactors. Early BAT preamps were known to leak DC.
Rwwear is correct with the early BAT preamps leaking DC. At one time I had twelve SS amps in my home to audition and the BAT blew a few of them that were sensitive to DC output.

I have heard the Krell amps mated with the Hovland tube preamp at many dealers including Sound by Singer in NYC so you may want to give them a call or CSA Audio in Montclair, New Jersey. Both should be able to offer good advice. At Stereo411.com, you can find the phone numbers

Happy Listening.