Fee for home audition

I am in the market for a music server/streamer. I was discussing with one of the authorized dealers for a streamer. He had a demo unit and was willing to bring to my home for an hour and let me try. He is located around 10-15 minutes from my home. He wants to charge 5% for home demo. Is this the industry standard? I am not meaning to disparage anyone so not going to name the dealer. I am just trying to see what the standard practice is. 


@ghasley Again thank you sharing in detail. I have Ethernet wiring from my main to the audio room as it doubles as my home theater room. So I am connecting my router directly to Grimm. I may try the USB dongle for wireless. 

Gents Iam sorry sir , the OP is not talking entitlement. Me myself I’ve been Audiophile for 30 plus yrs , I only give my credit card to the dealer when I loan gear unknown to the dealer though , no relationship as well .He disagree on the fee that’s it. He found onother dealer and done. Life goes on , enjoy this hobby and the music.

@svenjosh I’ve had mixed results with dongles…from bad to mediocre to “I guess thats ok for when we have company” but I havent tried many.  

@gents its going to be ok. Exhale….Reminds me of when I was in college and someone jumps in the middle of a bar fight without knowing which side did what or why. I still can imagine there was simply a miscommunication/misunderstanding. 


You made me laugh. In retrospect, I would’ve just negotiated that price down because that was way too much. No need for a slap. There’s nothing wrong with paying/tipping someone to help you out. The way I see it, I save a lot of money getting it right with an honest home audition. I paid 2 restocking fees this year on DACs and it was pretty well worth it because I paid a little less than what I was going to lose on reselling a full priced mistake (most of us have done that) and reduced my suffering time.