Fee for home audition

I am in the market for a music server/streamer. I was discussing with one of the authorized dealers for a streamer. He had a demo unit and was willing to bring to my home for an hour and let me try. He is located around 10-15 minutes from my home. He wants to charge 5% for home demo. Is this the industry standard? I am not meaning to disparage anyone so not going to name the dealer. I am just trying to see what the standard practice is. 


@svenjosh  lol… “are you a dealer? You sound nice”

Congrats on your MU1!  Should maybe have mine next week if I’m lucky.  Could be a few days later.

Just curious, is there a type of music you find that it sounds better in NOS mode vs 4X OS mode?  And in the cases where NOS mode was better, are you able to describe why?




Also, we live in a post-slap world; Don Corleone was not the correct standard to reference for all slapping related matters…


@ghasley, do you use almpifi alien meshwork as Wi-Fi extender and connect to Ethernet or do you use usb dongle?

I have three Aliens in my home and use them as a wifi extender. The “main” alien is connected at my main router via an ethernet cable, the others connect to the main alien via wifi.  Next, ethernet cables from the other aliens to a component in each of those rooms. In one system, I have an audiophile switch between the wifi connected alien and the component. Im pleased, YMMV

@nyev I noticed that when I listen to classical, especially Piano or Violin (any E concerto), the sound is a bit bright in the 4fs mode. I change to original (the NOS mode is called original in Grimm) and the slight tinge of brightness is gone. The NOS mode sounds amazing in these types of music. This may also be due of my system. The quality of recordings also plays a role. So it’s not universally bright with these types of music.
Any acoustic music (think jazz) sounds phenomenal in 4fs mode. In fact, at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I would say that if Jazz is your primary genre of choice, Grimm with 4fs is outstanding and I cannot imagine anything regardless of price sounding better.