Fedex Weekly Damage Report

I posted last week how the Fedex Overnight people managed to deliver me a Jadis amp 85% in the shipping box. Well, just one week later a pair of Apogee Stages were delivered, and the driver buzzes me and says "you might want to come down here cause you might not want to accept this COD". These speakers were packed in custom wooden crates and the 2 days they had them, Fedex managed to knock the corner of the crate and peeking though was the old speaker. It didnt appear the speaker had cosmetic damage. I hooked them up and lo and behold, the woofer panel does not work and the side panels are coming off the main speaker frame. To quote one of NY Finest, Fedex can kiss my Royal Irish (Chinese) ASS.
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Sorry to hear that. I used to think FedEx was better, albeit marginally, than the UPS, but it no longer seems true. I've sent my amp to the manufacturer for a free upgrade, and I haven't heard on its condition. I double boxed and put as much peanuts as I could, but you know how it is with these shipping companies. Curiously enough, I am yet to have a trouble with the UPS. I've had one broken subwoofer through FedEx Ground though. I'm not sure when my luck with the UPS would run out.....hopefully it would last long enough so that I'd get my amp back in one piece.
And here I thought it was only the knuckle dragging neanderthals at UPS that pulled shenanigans like this. I definitely feel your pain. I had a similar experience recently when trying to ship a Tice Power block. I would be interested to hear how good (or bad) Fedex is about making good on damage claims. We've all heard how bad UPS is. I wonder -- if Fedex and UPS were to merge, would they call it Fed UP?
Hi Justlisten
I FEEL FOR YOU.No other words come to mind, or that well help in this time of sarrow.
"Fed UP"?..............................

"I wonder -- if Fedex and UPS were to merge, would they call it Fed UP?"

Yes, Kinsekd, I think that name would be quite appropriate.

As far as claims go, FedEx is not what they use to be (in our experiences with them).
Have had *1* damage claim for 2001, and it is with Fed Ex. Yet to be settled after two months.
Had *1* damage claim in 2000, again, with Fed Ex, with the same results (not good).
Note: Less than 1% of our shipping is with Fed Ex, so these results are not promising.

BTW, I am referring to Fed Ex, not Fed Ex Ground, which are NOT the same thing.

We view Fed Ex ground the same as we view UPS ground; No thanks...

If you don't package your fragile hifi gear in the appropriate way for the service you chose (ground, air, etc), and it is damaged, too bad, but if it is, and it is damaged, these freight companies must pay. Don't back down, and let them know you mean business. Sometimes legal action is the only option, and odds are the judge has had something damaged by these guys, so the odds are on your side (assuming you packed the item properly).

BTW, the most interesting ship story we have ever heard about Fed Ex was with a member on this site that sued Fed Ex and won. They appealed, and LOST again. Would be nice if he would come forward and explain the details on that one to others (claim was for $1800).

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Hi, re: the question about how FedEx handles claims, I have had good experience w/that aspect of their service. One claim of damage was settled for cost of repair plus cash for replacement, this buyer really made out, but the speakers I sold him were unavailable new anymore and he really was disappointed. By the way--these speakers (B&W Matrix 805's) were shipped in original carton and packing materials but still arrived w/the tweeters dislocated from the bodies. Painful! He got new tweeters installed and got some money for cabinet damage as well. Second story: a pair of Vienna Acoustics Beethovens were shipped to Texas insured (thank God for full replacement value of $4500) via FedEx Ground. Boxes were stolen off buyer's front porch, even though they weighed 100 lbs each. Within a month FedEx sent check for full value of claim, $4500, but not before claims agent first sent only $100, saying "that's our maximum limit without insurance." When I pointed out the $4500 insurance obviously noted on the front of the original tracking invoice--which she had--she said, "Oh, I didn't see that." These people must be shepherded through the claims process, but in my experience they do come through. WORD TO THE WISE: Fed Ex claim requires seller's original invoice for the equipment shipped. Because I am meticulous about saving all my invoices, I happened to have both the invoices for these claims, and could send copies to Fed Ex. I don't know what would have happened w/out the invoices. Perhaps they would not have honored the claims, despite the obvious insurance that was bought and paid for. Also, always insure for full value, no matter what you and the buyer have agreed on for payment. Both these claims were paid within 4-6 weeks of the reported loss.
JustListen ... its New York's Bravest, Finest is the Police dept.
I have not had any problems with Fedex but UPS is another story. They completely destroyed an item I sent that was double boxed. The box looked as if it had been drop from the top of a building. They refused to pay the insurance and actually stated that they were a big company and if I didn't like it I could sue them. They reminded me that they are powerful and I would lose. What they didn't realize is that I have good lawyers and the judge was familar with their service. I am happy to say I ended up ahead when it was all over. Thanks UPS
while this is not FEDEX, this is UPS report which is no better than FEDEX. Just received a Sota Sapphire turntable which was delivered in their double boxed original packing that should handle ANY delivery service.
Well it did not. The inside box is made of plywood- it was pushed up in one end, the turntable cover is smashed -the whole back of it., the MDF board on the bottom of the table is cracked on the same side as the plywood was pushed up, and the transport screws came loose, the platter was bobbling, the arm came loose including the bolts holding it to the arm board so the cartridge slammed against the plinth causing the stylus to become bent and finally, the motor was in the same side as the plywood and does not now come on. I should have flown to Florida to pick it up. Would have taken less time and less money.
Will have to see what happens with the insurance claim. Too bad we can't ship one of their drivers and drop them continually on other boxes. They would have a new respect for others property. I guess the UPS/FEDEX definition for fragile means don't drop from more than 20 feet above the floor.
I just recieved a claim check in the mail last week from UPS. They paid half of what I was asking for. I had $5000.00 insurance. I filed a claim for $500.00 on a damaged amp. I recieved less then $300.00. All in all it was better then nothing.
I should add that not only was I dealing with a thug at Fedex, but what appears to be a less than truthful seller. After examining the speakers, (initially I was concerned about getting them working) I noticed that the speakers have been taken apart and modified, and the side trim is cracked on one side. I don't believe these speakers were designed to be taken apart and put back together, as the screws that hold the main area, once taken apart, the wood gets enlarged and the screws go back in less snug and secure. I may pursue this person through small claims court as he lives in the same state. I don't take getting screwed lightly, and the time and expense to make his life miserable is of no consequence to me. WORD TO THE WISE, if you are going to buy of the net,buy from people here on Audiogon, who have past sales history.
Any shipper can destroy an item. Packaging is the key to your item surviving. Sometimes I think these guys aren't happy if they don't go home knowing that they destroyed something. I just shipped a Tice Power Block from the east to the west coast using UPS. I made a crate out of 2x12 lumber and 3/4 inch plywood. The crate weighed almost 40 pounds with a total packed weight of 95 pounds. I marked all of the sides "HEAVY", "FRAGILE", "ELECT INST". The item arrived in perfect shape. Even after being loaded over a dozen times as it crossed the country. You can not "overpack" an item enough if you want it to survive. Factory packing is not enough. FedEx dropped a Thiel 2 2 that I shipped and smashed the top. It was in the factory double shipping carton. I think that crating and banding a heavy item to a pallet and shipping via common carrier is a safer way to ship. Once on a pallet, the item will not be handled by "hand". Handling haevy items by "hand" is what destroys them. A person(s) tries to lift something heavy and they drop it.
Thats pretty good advice, Mrderrick. I had a 135 lb TV shipped to me cross country by a freight carrier and even tho it was only protected in the original single box it arrived just fine. Freight unfortunately, seems to be generally more expensive. Maybe because they handle it more carefully/professionally?
FedEx Ground mangled an extremely well-packed reel-to-reel tape deck I shipped to a guy in Connecticut, then took 2 weeks to pick it up from him to inspect it for damage. When they eventually got around to inspecting it, the inspector reported that there was “no damage to the shipping carton or contents,” and they “returned” the damaged tape deck to a completely unknown third party. To date, they still haven’t found the tape deck, and they have no idea who actually has it.

However, after dozens of phone calls, faxes, and certified letters, FedEx has finally agreed to settle the claim and send me a check. I haven’t seen the check yet, and it’s been 7 weeks since the damage claim was originally filed, but this is the good news that a FedEx customer service rep reported to me this morning.

I guess the moral of the story is that you have to fight ‘em every step of the way, or you’ll be left holding the bag. FedEx does not like paying damage claims, no matter what they’ve done to your shipment !!!!
It is not only FEDEX who does not want to pay, but I have an exceptional case when UPS refused to honor an insured item that was damaged when I received. A Dragon Tape Deck. I bought the item from an EBAY auction, and it went for $750, but when it arrived, the tape door was damaged. I did this transation on October 2000 and it was not until about March 2001, when I was able to get the item paid for. The problem was that being such a vintage piece, there were no receipts in what it was really worth, and on top of that, UPS had inspected and tried to fix it, but it was not doable. The one thing I have learned from the experience is that one needs to fight them each step of the way, because once the money is sent and the other side ships, most likely you are at the risk of losing, if something goes wrong with it. UPS and maybe the other carriers do not want to pay, and they keep demanding things that are difficult to obtain....the best is to keep a good working relationship with the shipper, until the problem is solved. Never give up answering back to UPS or FEDEX and eventually you will succeed.