Fedex to Canda from the USA

I am having some equipment shipped to Canada from the USA using Fedex. Do they have the same "brokerage fee" that UPS has? And what is this fee based on. Also, does anyone know if USPS will ship a package weighing 75lbs from the USA to Canada. Thanks Mark.
They both have websites....
I believe FedEx includes the brokerage fees into the cost of shipping, unlike UPS. I'm assuming it'll be shipped via air (2 day). I received an amp from the US throught FedEx and only had to pay the usual provincial sales tax and the goods and services tax. I will go FedEx over UPS anyday. I don't know anything about USPS other than it being the cheapest method for us Canadians.
I have had many pieces shipped from U.S. to Canada,and the best and most cost effective way is using the postal service.The rates are a higher but you avoid the"brokerage fees "which little are nothing short of highway robbery.
How are the taxes billed? I just bought a Moon amp from a dealer in Montreal. I received it. Will I be billed later.
UPS rip people off by charging unreasonable brokage fee from the receiving end base on a range scale if you ship by UPS Ground. For sure they will collect the FULL taxes for the Canada Government. If you ship by UPS Air, their rate will close to what Fedex charge, and they will also collect the FULL taxes for sure. Fedex do not have ground shipping to Canada. If you ship by Fedex air, you don't have to pay extra brokage fee. And I never have to pay any Canada taxes after over 15 shipments. US Postal's rate is lower compare to Fedex Air and UPS Air if your stuff is heavy. For light shipment, the difference is not much. However, you will most likely have to pay FULL taxes as well. Hope this help. Good luck.
I need to correct my previous statement about I don't have to pay FULL taxes if ship by Fedex. Today, I received my FIRST invoice from Fedex for $2.13 of taxes for receiving a package with declared value of US$20. This is the first time out of about 15 shippments with Fedex and the lowest declared value so far that I have to pay taxes on. I will have to pay 47 cents to send the cheque out!!!
Where do you live? If you live close to the border you may be better off using a parcel service. I use "The Letter Carrier" in Point Roberts, WA. They receive the goods and I simply drive from Vancouver 30 minutes to pick up. I have had many things shipped there including a BAT VK-60. They only charge about 5 bucks to receive. You should definitely declare the goods and pay your taxes incase you have to send it back for warranty or repairs. You pay no brokerage fees however. Good Luck. Eric
Anyone who needs to know how to ship US to Canada should consider this.