FedEX Ground, sure they aren't really BROWN???

I started a thread earlier in the year about FedEX Ground. It described the excessive time it took to deliver a pair of speakers to me. They bounced the package between two different places, then once they finally got it back to the right location, needed to get directions from me to my house. The most absurd thing was the person didn't know the major highway that their depot laid right off of, "I don't know the names of the roads, I just know how to drive here."
On top of that, when I finally received the package, it was obvious it had been to hell and back. To the point of one of the speaker's being a bit damaged. I didn't want to go through it all over again, so I just ate my losses.

Incompetance of the first degree.

Well, lightning strikes twice. And, strikes harder. I am awaiting the receipt of another package. I have a Tracking ID, which states the package has been delivered. However, when I arrived home, instead of the package waiting for me was a voice mail from FedEX Ground. They need an address confirmation, and asked me to call them.

Upon calling them, I was delighted to speak to a completely unprofessional person who kept calling me "Dude" and "Chief". Whatever location I threw at him was met with, "Never heard of it." And, everything was answered with, "I don't know what to tell ya." At the end of the call, instead of asking me if I needed anything else, giving a thank you, or even saying Good Bye, he simply hung up.

The next day, my package still did not arrive. Upon calling again, and again, and again. And again. I found no one who could give me any help whatsoever. One person in QA told me that if I have the tracking number, I have more information at my disposal than he does.

I'll call again today, and try to get to the bottom of this. I realize that FedEX Ground was formerly RPS, and that FedEx has not had the easiest time in merging these operations seamlessly, but the reputation of FedEX is completely ruined in my eyes at this point. Maybe they should be the company nicknamed "BROWN".

Still hoping for my package to come...
I think that either Fed Ex should either run this outfit properly or remove their name!!!

Not desiring to use UPS ground I tried to send a pair of speakers back to the manufacturer for trade in and after driving 40 miles to the airport (the only location on the Fed Ex website where Fed Ex Ground packages can be dropped off as opposed to Fed Ex Air which is offered in my sleepy little town) only to find out that I must have a Fed Ex Ground account already up and running. Can't pay on the spot - Fed Ex says they only "gather" the packages at the airport location but are not involved in the accounting nor the transport of these packages! With that, the counter person who was getting annoyed with my annoyance of the situation, advised that the cost would be 125% of the ground rate and to please hurry as she was going on break and there was nobody to cover the counter in her absence. Well, I hoisted the 2 boxes back into my vehicle and off to my local Mailboxes, etc (might as well support the local little guy)where I used UPS ground services. I know that UPS Ground is less than desirable but it would appear that Fed Ex ground is no better and in my particular area worse. This lousy service only taints the Fed Ex name and as I said earlier they should either run it themselves or remove their association with it...
If your package is under 70 LBS use USPS we do make mistakes as well. However, unlike FEDEX we don't out source to private contractors and we deliver everywhere six days a week. Thus, our carriers are familiar with the addresses. And we are cheaper.

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I've had nothing but good luck w/ Fedex Ground, the antithesis of Brown [shirts]! They're across the street from my crib [brown is 15 miles] and I have a date with the gorgeous lady at the counter. And, makes it ez as pie to ship. Just my $.02
I am in Montreal-Canada and I could say that the local Fedex service is much better than UPS. It happened that I sent an Audiomeca Talisman CD-player to California last year during the September 11 week... What a bad combination ! Imagine during that week, a CD-player declared under that name ! It arrived in pieces. Fedex reimbursed me for the full amount I declared. I am currenltly using BaxGlobal ( ) with very good service since is a much smaller company. You should give it a try next time.
Good luck!
A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEMS: Are you aware that FedEx has two and three day delivery services that are shipped and delivered by their Air Service people? MUCH BETTER HANDLING THAN THE DOLTS AT FedEx Ground (who are former Roadway people anyway).
The rates are going to be higher than UPS ground service, but package handling is so much better. And you have the convenience of dealing with your local FedEx Air Office. In most cases, the two and three day air service is shipped on a "space available" basis with regular air packages. It is not unusual to pay for three day delivery and get the package the afternoon of the second day. Cheers!
I'm glad to come across this thread. If I have to ship a high-value item I always use FedEx Economy Air and have been delighted with the results.

However several lower-value vintage items are now on their way to me via FedEx ground and USPS. In no less than three simultaneous cases in different parts of the States, the shipper called FedEx ground for a price quote, it was reasonable, sent me the figure, I paid--but when the shipper got the box to the counter he was told the phone quote was wrong and the actual cost would be three times higher.

The packages are on their way now via USPS, insured.

On the other hand, the one package that was ever shipped to me via FedEx ground came through with many fewer hassles than UPS. UPS has always been a disaster for me.

For now, I'm betting on heavy duty packing, insurance and the USPS. We'll see...

Your problem is that you did not go high enough up the chain in regard to voicing your complaints.

Next time stay on the phone until they connect you to Darryl and @ that point be very firm and insist on speaking with his brother (his name is Darryl also:-).
I have used Fedex extensively. Never a problem with delivery times or damage, yet. But, and that's a big but; they have left expensive equipment on my door step in the rain, ignoring signs on the front door and instructions from the seller to put in garage. If I hadn't looked, quite by accident, my last purchase would be sitting out there all night in the pouring rain. Go figure. No satisafaction when you call them.
UPS is worse in my opinion! I recently took delivery of a 100lb. amplifier. The transformer was nocked off causing the amp to emmit a mechanical hum.
I also bought a pair of out of production speakers with no available spare parts. The speakers were flat on their backs in the UPS truck. They were bouncing around in the boxes. the oak enclosures were dented. One of the boxes had a hole in it with a punctured speaker grill. I filed a claim. Several months later I get a check from the seller for less than the insured value even though I paid for the insurance. According to UPS I was not the customer!
I received packages via 2 day FEDEX in exellent shape; therefor they are my preferred carrier now.
I was under the impression that FedEx ground contracted with different local delivery services in different areas. I had to pick up a FedEx ground package and picked it up in the DC area from an outfit called Worldwide. If they are using different companies in different area, could be a simple explanation as to why results vary. If you are having bad results from your local contractor, you might try complaining to FedEx about who they are contracting with.
Well, after initially calling to FedEX Ground on Tuesday, I needed to make many, many calls to them in order to get anywhere. I must say that apart from the first person who I spoke to, no one beyond that was bad. Everyone tried to be helpful, and I finally received the package. It came on Friday, taking four days to make a 10 - 15 minute drive to my home.

The item is not an audio item. It was to be a Christmas gift; a professional Oster hair clipper for my fiance studying to be a hair stylist. It arrived broken. While the unit works flawlessly, the plastic casing has a crack completely through it, running vertically from the top of the machine to the bottom. The unit was bought new. As it is now, it is obviously unfit to give as a gift.

I did not ask the seller to use the FedEX Ground, it is the shipper they employ. I personally prefer USPS Priority Mail for anything not too large or heavy. Many shipments over the years, always in 2 or at most 3 days. Never had a problem.

FedEX Ground is not FedEX, I have always had top drawer service from FedEX. I have never had a problem receiving anything from FedEX in 50+ deliveries. FedEX Ground is an abomination. I have now had problems with FedEX Ground in 2 of 3 encounters. To UPS's credit, they have been good to me. As RGD so eloquently put it, FedEX should run this outfit properly or remove their name from it.

To those who defend FedEX Ground stating they have never encountered a problem, I submit this. Caveat emptor. !!!YOU WILL!!!
I just had a great time with FeEx ground getting a couple of amps to me. They got to their warehouse Friday night. Monday afternoon I get a call: "Dude, we can't find your office..." My office is a 15 year old building that used to be a title company (fed ex pouches DAILY), that sits next to the POST OFFICE, where there is a FED EX BOX... In fact, I just saw a Fed Ex truck drive by. So, I give the idiot directions. Tuesday 4PM, no boxes. I call Fed Ex's terminal, ignorant female answers and says "well, we couldn't find it" I inform her that was YESTERDAY. I get put on hold for 20 minutes or so, afterwhich I demand the manager, who says he'll get me the package by 6:00.

6:04 a courier from some no-name company comes (literally) squeeling into my office parking lot in his pickup, with my amps bouncing around in the bed unsecured, uncovered.

Thanks to Classe for making excellent shipping cartons...
Yes, Fedex Ground employs local truckers to do their dirty work. I would avoid Fedex Ground like the plague.
Good heads up! on this. I didn't know about FedEx ground. I Do like FedEx 3 day service... a lot.
I purchased a used power cable from a fellow audiogoner in Florida . He shipped it Fed Ex ground on the 7th of April. I live in Northwest Indiana (40 minutes from Chicago). I tracked the package as it bounced around Ohio for a few days. The package arrived on the 16th of April. What really disappointed me was that "pizza box" that the cable came in looked like it was run over by a truck. The cable has a metal woven outer jacket, and it was kinked and splintered. The connectors were ok. A couple of weeks later, I purchased the same model cable from the manufacturer in Canada. It got here sooner through the Canadian and U.S. postal services. The fedex experience was my first audiogon transaction, which began on the wrong foot as the cable was shipped three days later than I was told. Caveat Emptor is right!
You should ship with a guaranteed time frame if you're so worried. 2 day fedex or ups or USPS costs quite a bit more, but I guarantee you'll get it on time and with only a small amount of the damage you've had.
Lefti, using my 20-20 hindsight, I can only fully agree with your recommendation. In over 25 years of enjoying this hobby, I had never encountered a situation with shippers like this. It is indeed a very lonely feeling to send out nearly six-hundred dollars and have very little recourse to fall back on. I will accept this as a learning experience and move on. I guarantee you that I will not put myself in that position again. Love the music. Jim L.