Federal Telegraph Co vintage 18 inch speaker

I have a speaker cabinet with a 18 inch electro magnet speaker, and a large electro magnet tweeter. It also has a power supply to run the magnets. This was supposed to be from the Radio City Music Hall. Does anyone know anything about this? It looks like maybe 1930-1940?? Any help?? Thanks Will
You might contact Andy Bauman at Vintage Tube. He is an expert on field coil speakers, which I believe you may have.

He is also one of the best people for supplying both used and NOS tubes if you have amps or associated tube gear that accompanied these speakers.
Albert: Thanks I'll try to contact Andy , maybe he knows something about these.
Albert: I contacted Andy and he was a lot of help, he even offered me $2000.00 for my speakers. You got to like that. Thanks again for your input......Will
I knew Andy was a fan of this technology, and not surprised he offered to buy them.

I thought they were probably valuable, but resisted making you an offer. :^)
Albert, you're right, Andy loves old speakers. Has extolled the virtues of them to me for years. You are to be commended for not making that offer!
Albertporter: It was through your efforts that your friend was able to purchase this old speaker system, I think he has been looking a long time for these. He was the right person for them, he really loves them. He is going to drive half-way across the country to get them. Thanks
That is what Audiogon is about. I am very pleased that good has come of this.