features - Tidal vs Deezer Elite

Hi all-

I'm home demo-ing an Aries streamer this weekend and trying out Tidal. I like the streamer, I'm not sure about Tidal. Technically, it's working well (no dropouts) but I'm not thrilled with the feature set. What I most wanted this for was not to create my own playlists or to call up records I already know but to stream a jazz "channel" or a rock "channel" etc. (Something like what Pandora does when you give it a song you like and it creates a station...) I'm not sure the curated playlists do it for me. And I also note that the "genre" function doesn't seem to appear in the Tidal app on the Aries anyway. It also just seems a bit buggy and not as intuitive as I had hoped.

How well does the interface for Deezer Elite work? Can I select a few jazz songs I like, and have it create a station for me, etc? And is Deezer Elite coming to Aries? If not and it has more of the features I care about, I might try Sonos (probably with a Synchro-Mesh from Empirical Audio to clean up the jitter).

Thoughts from those who have tried Deezer Elite vs Tidal?

I had both at the same time to compare. I found Tidal to sound a little better and much preferred the GUI on Tidal over Deezer.

I kept Tidal. YMMV
I too have a reclock sonos with remedy, had previously both Deezer and tidal together, i found Deezer's catalogue better and found more selections of albums and artists.

I wold rate Tidal just 65% for what i would like for my streaming, SQ was smoother, though note that there is slight presentation differences that may or may not be resolution based.

I have subscribed for 3 months now with tidal, thee is enough new discoveries for me with tidal and can switch to Deezer if i feel the need.

If you intend to find many old releases, this will be more critical in finding the best service which Deezer or even spotify would be better with a more extensive catalogue.

Note, problems with spotify on sonos not being able to stream certain selection and gave up on it, otherwise, for selection, it was a little more comprehensive than Deezer, i feel.

I will try out the mini Aeries just for fun.