Favourite Vinyl female and male vocals

trying to buy some LPs for my collection.
pls recommend some good lps to buy for male and female vocals.
I like the artist of Krall, Monheit, jacintha, Gardot. Perhaps you guys can recommend some more. Would be good if the recording is also quite good.
thanks for the inputs. TAN.
I just got turned on to Irene Krall. She has a great voice and great sound on vinyl. This is available on Pure Pleasure. Not sure on the title, but it is her only one on PP. I saw it available on either Music Direct or Acoustic Sounds. A couple of my favorites that I own are Eva Cassidy: Songbird, and Joni Mitchell: Court & Spark. Can't go too wrong w/ Ella either.
Trio- EmmyLou Harris, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt
Julie London & Bobby Darin or Mel Torme
Geddy Lee from RUSH + 2112 LP + volume levels that "go to elevehn" will rid of all rodents within a 20 mile radius. Ok, seriously, I REFUSE to be made fun of for this suggestion: "The Man From LaMancha" LP. Original recording. Personally, I cant stand it. BUT have been listening to it on and off JUST BECAUSE of the vocals. I'm chuckling as I write this.
I have no idea what your taste is or likes but if you have not tried Ella on Verve the Norman Granz recordings. You haven't heard really good music with sound.
For Female vocals, Stacey Kent may be right up your alley. Jennifer Warnes is one of my favorites (Famous Blue Raincoat or The Well). A favorite of many here is Eva Cassidy.

For Male vocals it is hard to recommend as you gave us no clue what sort of things you like. Old, new, jazz, rock, etc.

A few of my favorites that are generally well recorded are: Jack Johnson, and Harry Belefonte. The Muddy Waters lp sounds amazing as well.
Ella on anything, really. Sarah, of course. But my favorite vocal is a Johnny Hartman LP on BeeHive label. (I think it's a low-end offshoot of Bethlehem.) It was recorded not too long before Hartman's death in the early 80s. I don't recall the title, but the first cut is "Living for You". Every cartridge I test must negotiate that LP with authority. There is a piano accompaniment that sounds either electric or acoustic, depending on the tt, tonearm, cartridge. I have finally figured out it is acoustic. Hartman is at his best, IMO, and the sonics are great despite the budget label.
In order:
Ella, Patsy Cline, Alison Krauss, K.D.Lang, Diana Krall,
Etta James, Peggy Lee.
Bobby Darin, Elvis, Frank, Nat King Cole, James Taylor,
The Ladies do more for me.
Kate Bush - The Hounds of Love
Jennifer Warnes and Eva Cassidy are two of my favorites. Fantastic voices and involving lyrics.
try neko case especially fox confessor, great sound witha unique voice
Ricky Lee Jones and Dan Fogelberg be my favorite vocalist if I had to pick one of each. so many good ones its hard to put just one each
Holly Cole. "Temptation" and "Don't Smoke in Bed" are still available on LP.

Oh, and "Songbird" by Eva Cassidy, mastered by Steve Hoffman on 180g vinyl.

You can thank me later.
Joni Mitchell......BLUE.......Absolutely stunning !
I had to chuckle when I read Lewn's post. The Johnny Hartman album is called "Once in Every Life" BeeHive BH7012 recorded in 1980. The dealer used the first cut on side two, "For All We Know" to set up my arm/cartridge. This is a fantastic album -sound and music, and one I use when auditioning equipment. It is one of my Island Discs.

Male Vocals: Johnny Hartman, "Once in Every Life", and "Coltrane and Hartman"
Female Vocals: Shirley Horn, "A Lazy Afternoon", and "Horn with Horn"
Male/Female combo: "Ella and Louis"

Also good: Holly Cole, Dusty Springfield, Stacey Kent
keep it coming guys- am listing and doing research as these names come up.
all the best!!
Norah Jones- Come away With Me- single sided 45 RPM is excellent!
...and of course Billie Holiday...on actual recordings available on high quality LP, have you heard Anthony and the Johnson's ? Stunning voice...
Also Chet Baker Sings, Patricia Barber, Eleanor McEvoy (Out there)...
Rickie Lee Jones Traffic From Paradise blows me away every time I spin it!
All great choices above, especially the great Miss Ella IMHO.

Don't forget the incredibly talented Laura Nyro. Although she is best remembered as a composer she had an incredibly earthy yet sweet voice.
Great list, I have'nt heard Johhny Hartman , I will follow that up. Some other suggestions I can't see so far:
Karrin Allyson "Blue", if you can find it.
Nowone mentioned Frank Sinatra, just anything, particularly from the Capitol years
Lorna Hunt "all in one day" again if you can find it, my favourite record.
How about some classical, opera or Leider, Jessye Norman, Janet Baker, Maria Callas, placido Domingo. If you are going for Leider, I would go for Richard Strauss to start, Janet Baker or Elizabeth Schwarskopf, hard to beat.
Try these:

Elliott Smith
Mary Gauthier