Favourite Guitarists

This discussion was inspired by the recent article about our 3 favourite female singers.

Because it was impossible for me to pick just three female vocalists ( I love women singers), I will not put a limit as to how many you wish to vote for. I limited myself to a dozen. However, if you list more that 50 I will seriously question your decision making skills.

In no particular order, except for Rory at number one.

1. Rory Gallagher

2. Peter Green

3. Roy Buchanan

4. Joe Bonamassa

5. David Gimour

6. Slash

7. Johnny Winter

8. Duane Allman

9. Stevie Ray Vaughn

10. Mark Knopfler

11. Glen Campbell

12. Guthrie Govan



for me the list changes constantly based on how I'm feeling.  But a few constants would be :

David Bromberg

Al Di Meola

Michael Burke

Three different styles of playing, but who I go back to time and time again when I want to hear guitar front and center.  

"It was embarrassing and hard to watch. Like Soupy Sales trading punches with Marvin Hagler."


GT has the proper Blues foundation, and just isn't a next level of Blues/Rock AND shredding, which SRV was.

No disrespect to JB and all his contemporaries. He has it figured out, but there are many his age and younger with OOTW(out of this world) technique abilities and the extra unexplainable "gift" that can hold my attention. 

Can't really compare musicians to pro sports figures. 

There are TOO MANY in my all star lineup. 

All unfortunately, are at least 10 years older than I, or have joined the great gig in the sky."

(644) Derek Trucks Performing "Soul Serenade" at Guitar Center's King of the Blues 2010 - YouTube