Favorites Alone In Quiet Darkness

Wondered if others have favorites while listening alone and calmly with the lights off. One selection of mine would be Supertramp's song, Crime of the Century at a fair volume.
"Late for the Sky" by Jackson Browne

"Doctor Wu" by Steely Dan
"Heartattack and Vine" by Tom Waits
anything from lucinda williams or emmylou harris
Jerry Garcia singing "Black Peter" on the live "Bears Choice" LP. Very haunting in the dark.
the electric prunes-underground....a blacklight is optional
rachmaninovs' 'isle of the dead'
Another fav. would be the song Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits.
Koyanisqaatsi by Phillip Glass
Jelena Jensen the zaftig nude model?

Or do you mean Janine Jansen the violinist?
Bon Hiver..."For Emma, Forever Ago"...aka Justin Vernon....a couple glasses of good wine enhances the experience as well....
My fave is one hot babe . . .
Archetribe "Earthtones"

Portraits in Jazz - Evans
Gillian Welch - Revival
Calexico/Iron and Wine - In the Reins
Beyond the Missouri Sky - Haden and Metheny
David Johanssen and the Harry Smiths. An underated gem of a blues album called Shaker. Downright hauntingly beautiful in the dark.
Fields of the Nephilim- Elizium & Revelations, and anything dark and mysterious.
They all sound better in the dark. No distractions.
Chris Whitley - 'Perfect Day'
Cowboy Junkies - 'Trinity Sessions'
Ry Cooder - 'Paris Texas'
Latin Playboys - 'Latin Playboys'
Roger Waters - 'Amused to Death'
Scott Cossu - "Reunion"
Andreas Vollenweider - "Book of Roses"
Chris Botti - "Slowing Down the World"
"The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" Soundtrack
Any Satie
I love Supertramp. My favorite is 'Live in Paris'. Great version of Crime of the Century.
Pink Floyd-DarkSide of the Moon - The Great Gig in the Sky.
"Pink Floyd-DarkSide of the Moon"

The quintessential - How did that take two days to find its way here.
Schoenberg string quartet #4, third movement, Julliard Quartet performance ON VINYL
Morton Feldman. Start with Rothko Chapel.

And I second the "Paris, Texas" soundtrack, though I can't stand Wim Wenders films. And the Trinity Sessions. And, yeah, everything sounds better in the dark.
Pieces I often choose in such setting among others are: Respighi;Piano Quintet,String Quartet,Six Pieces for Violin and Piano on a Chandos CD by The Ambache. Bax; Quintet for harp and Strings,Elegiac Trio for Harp Violin and Flute, Fantasy Sonata for Harp and Violin,Sonata for Flute and harp on a Naxos CD by Mobius. Joseph Jongen; Chamber Music for Flute and String Quartet on a Cypres CD by Ensemble Arpæ. Charles Koechlin String Quartets No.1 & 2 on a Ar Re-Se CD by the Ardeo Quartet. Chausson:Poème, Piano Trio, Pièce,Andante at Allegro on a Hyperion CD by the Chilingirian Quartet. McEwen; Violin Sonatas 2,5,6, Prince Charlie and String Quartets on Chandos CD's by Olivier Charlier and Geoffrey Tozer and The Chilingirian Qt. Albert Roussel Chamber Music on a Brilliant Classics CD and so on...
Arvo Part's "Tabula Rasa" and Gorecki's "Symphony No.3"
Lustmord-The Place Where The Black Stars Hang
Pete Namlook-Air I&II
Global Communication-76:14
Irresistible Force-Flying High
Coil-although they actually have a series called Musick To Play In The Dark I prefer Stolen & Contaminated Songs
Steve Roach-The Magnificent Void
Michael Stearns-The Lost World
Tangerine Dream -Phaedra
Steve Hillage-Rainbow Dome Musick
Klaus Schulze-Mirage
Playboy August 2001 with a flashlight