Favorite version s of Autumn Leaves?

I admit to being obsessed with this beautiful song lately. Some of my favorite versions are by Lenny Breau(the most underrated guitarist ever?), Cannonball Adderley w/ Miles & Blakey, Earl Klugh, Eva Cassidy & Nat King Cole.

My very favorite version though is a very unorthodox version by Coldcut and remixed by Mixmaster Morris aka Irresistible Force. Here is a link to the track atop some visuals via someone's homemade youtube clip. One of the best chillout tracks ever.


Some versions I haven't heard but would like to: Paul Desmond, Chet Baker, Art Pepper, Bill Evans & Keith Jarrett.
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I like Tito Puente- El Rey version and, of course, Coltrane's.
the great jazz trio (autumn leaves is the lead track, as well as the albumn title). hank jones and elvin jones together. incredible.
Synthfreek: Run, don't walk, to hear Bill Evans/Scott LaFaro/Paul Motian play your obsession. The album is "Portrait In Jazz" and there are two versions---a mono and a stereo---of "Autumn Leaves". The very different takes are an object lesson in the rarefied level of group improvisation that this trio achieved. The mono take, in particular, is stunning. Good listening!
Eva Cassidy does a very haunting cover on "Live From Blues Alley".
EVA " Live from blues alley" X 2
I live near Buffalo but listen to the best FM Jazz station in North America, (one of only 4 jazz only format)Jazz.FM91, 91.1, Broadcasting from the tallest free standing structure in North America, the CN Tower. The other day I cought a dynamite version of Autumn Leaves by Betty Carter, about 1957, available on CD.

I can`t see Russia from my house but if I drive up to the US side of Lake Ontario on a clear day you can see the Toronto skyline and the CN Tower.
Agree on CJRT 91.1 FM.

Absolutely killer station if you love jazz. Great programming and selection of music.

My Mac tuners are happy campers.
Ditto the right honorable AudioFeil. Eva on Live From Blues Alley takes it.
Gotta second that Betty Carter version.What a delightful human being she was.Saw her at Town Hall NYC on a bill with Barry Harris('73)and many other times.Maybe the most exciting singer I ever heard live.She kissed me on the cheek in Van Nuys in '71 it still burns.Miss you Betty.