Favorite used Tube Preamps

What are your favorite used tube preamps
for the following price ranges??

1) 500-1000
2) 1000-1500
3) 1500-2000
4) 2000-2500
I have to throw in my hat for the Audio Research LS7... I have had 2 of them.. for small mods such as cap upgrades and rolling some tubes, this is a great piece for around 700.00 add a great phono stage and this is a giant killer!
Love that simple glow!
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Custom Audio LLC
At $2K+, First Sound.
N.E.W P3 for about $500 bucks used. Made by Cary audio, point to point silver wired, standby mode, dual outputs and sounds better than anything I've heard for the used price.
I've had 2 ARC SP9 MKIII hybrid preamps...a classic...can be had in good shape between $800-$1100, depending on condition. Mates well with solid state as well as tube amps.
MFA Magus C (non-Mod) for about $650–– great phono stage, excellent line stage too.