Favorite used tonearms under 1000 dollars

Some of you may know that I have put together a Victor TT with the CL-P2 plinth with custom armboards. My new armboards allow me to quickly change arms using custom inserts.
So far, I have a Audio Technica ATP-12T in the back position and a Victor UA-7045 on the right hand side.
My cartridge of choice is the Denon DL-103 in various carnations. So low to medium compliance.
On the way is a Victor UA-7082 tonearm and on the shelf is a Fidelity Research FR-54. I will make mounts up for both.
So what are your favorite tonearms that can be had for under 1000 USD? I know Chakster is a big fan of vintage Japanese tonearms and for good reason.
I really love the Victor arms, they are full featured with anti skating and VTA adjustments on the fly plus the build quality is over the top. Probably the best bargain out there.


best jelco or origin live you can manage
Magnepan Unitrac I, w/high compliance cart.
Zeta. Roughly 16g effective mass, depending on location of the counterweight, and how many of the cw's internal discs are employed. Very stiff armtube, very good bearings. They don't come up for sale very often (once every couple of years), so one must be patient.
I've a 48 years old Sony PUA1500L still works perfectly.

I love the Acos Lustre GST 801 that I got with help here


It's Precision Arm Post Lift, VTA on the fly, is superb, couldn't be easier or smoother.

Compact arm sometimes needed.

I’m squeezing a 3rd arm on my 2 arm plinth, and, it has to allow the dust cover to go on. pivot in the front left corner, arm backward,

I had to find an arm with both short spindle to post, and short rear counterweight post (not too wide either)

I got the Mission 744lc version of the Jelco sa 250st arm

210mm spindle to pivot, only 58mm pivot to end of counterweight shaft. 18mm overhang, effective 228mm. I also prefer the arm retainer to be part of the arm rather than a separate piece needing another hole.


arrived yesterday, nicely built, off to get a drill bit later!
I have two Fidelity Research arms in my collection. A FR 29 and an FR 54. Both bought for about $400 each from Japan eBay. Excellent quality and enough mass for use with my mc cartridges. I have the FR 54/Coral 777 Sleeping Beauty mc/ADC magnesium headshell on the Ariston RD11.
Thanks guys, gives me lots to think about. Not buying anything right now, just wanted some ideas on what to keep an eye out for.
My Victor UA-7082 tonearm arrived today, now I need to find a chunk of aluminum to make an armboard insert.