Favorite SS amp/Tube preamp combo

As I am getting closer to abandoning HT and moving back into the 2 channel arena, I am wondering what people like for their systems. My speakers are Dali Euphonia MS4's which I will be keeping. A good friend is not a huge fan of the McIntosh gear I am considering. Says that for the $$ that I can do better for SS amps. So now the quandry begins. I would do tube mono blocks but have some space and WAF considerations, so back to a stereo amp. I think that to add some warmth of tubes in the form of a preamp would do the trick nicely.

Any and all recommendations would be welcomed.

Good Listening,

Steve Bachman
I ran a Cary SLP-50B with a McCormack DNA 0.5 for awhile. I was very happy with it, until I got the upgrade urge.
Forget your friends advice, go for the Mcintosh MC352 amp and C2200 preamp. Both can be found here on audiogon for about $5600.00. Great bass, very musical. preamp is tubed with a phono stage, very quite and smooth, I love that combo, shoud have no problems driving your Dali's, and you probably wont lose a dime 2 years down the road if your looking to upgrade or try something else. Some knuckleheads just love to dump on Mcintosh, with no explanation! They still make fantastic souding and beautiful gear. Enjoy!
The best tube+ss combo I've heard -- that offers world class sound (IMO) is: CAT pre (tube) + Symphonic Line amp (ss).

I find the combo explosive and magical. It also looks good (shiny amps) hence, waf-friendly.
Unfortunately, it's also expensive -- but could be found used perhaps???
I've used the AI Mod 3 and now the Mod3A (updated 8/04) with McIntosh SS MC7270's in various configurations single amp, mono blocking 2x 7270's (540watts), biamping...

Currently I've got the 7270 driving the lows and a Quick Silver 60 driving the highs. All sound good in different ways... but I really respect the bass that the Mac can drive out of my Duntech Marquis.

Beware the AI…it’s a matching nightmare.
My favorite tube pre/solid state power combo would be the ARC Reference 2 Mk.II with Linn Klimax (solos or twin) amplification. This is an extremely good, synergistic combo. Not cheap, but with current used prices, not out of reach either. If you want to save a little, go with the ARC LS-25 Mk.II and Klimax Twin stereo amp. With clean lines and compact size, the Linn gear has a high WAF.
Cello Duet with Sonic Frontiers Line 3, a killer combination!
I'm very happy and impressed with my Blue Circle 21.1 tube preamp (Shallco attenuator and either Siemens-Halski or Amperex "nos" tubes) and Odyssey Stratos Extreme ss amplifier. Rich, detailed, fast and powerful. Lions and tigers and bears oh my!:)