Favorite solo piano players...cds

I collect Erroll Garner,David Orsborn and David Lantz..plus
many others...I especially like solo piano...Does anyone
have recommendations...or favorite piano pieces?
I enjoy Murray Perahia, Glenn Gould and George Winston,
Jim brickman John Tesh Also Narada has a double cd called piano solos it is a mix of all great players its in the new age section. Also along jazz lines you have david benoit
Dudley Moore "Songs Without Words" is a wonderful piano CD.
Richie Beirach on Concord. Yeah, Glenn Gould. Herbie Hancock made some solo acoutic albums in Japan in the late 70's...awesome, in this case, is not an overworked word.
Keith Jarrett is my favorite. Try these solo piano improvisations: Koln Concert (recorded 1975, two LPs on one CD); Bremen & Lausanne (1973, three LPs on a two CD set); Sun Bear Concerts (1976, six CD set)
Try the Telarc recording Rachmaninoff, A Window In Time cd (1998). The music is excellent and the recording of the Bosendorfer 290SE reproducing piano is stellar. It is absolutely one of the best recorded piano performances I have on disk. Some of the recordings by Evgeny Kissin are very good too and his performance is always on top.

I will second the Kieth Jarret Koln concert . If you like Beethoven, Robert Silverman does all 32 piano sonatas on a 10 CD set. I think I got this set direct from Stereophile magazine. I am rather spoiled,since my wife plays the piano and the sounds of live piano in your own home are hard to beat.
Clifford Curzon, Menahem Pressler, Murray Perahia, "Solomon" Cutner, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Dinu Lipatti.

Curzon: buy them all. Solomon's Beethoven recordings are nice. Lipatti: Chopin Waltzes; Ashkenazy has some nice Schuber sonata and Chopin prelude recording. Same for Perahia. Solo recording by Pressler are hard to find; most are with Beaux Arts Trio. I've heard him live in solo recital and its the best I've ever heard in person. I guess I will also throw in older recordings of Daniel Barenboim playing Mozart Sonatas (I have them on LP).

Dekay, please, for the love of god let everyone know that you were kidding about the dudly moore! :)

I agree with the keith jarrett-ers above and also ad - of course? - serkin doing moonlight sonata.

And...mcCoy tyner (of coltrane fame).
Nope, I wasn't. If we get the get together - together this summer I will play it for you. Remember, I only promised not to play Johnny Rivers. Dudly is a classically trained pianist and is a fine player of contemporary music. He played at a party which my wife attended in the 70's otherwise I probably would have never known about his talent.
Glen Gould, Bach's "Goldberg Variations". Same, by Andres Schiff. Recordings of Murray Perahia and Claudio Arrau.
yes Keith Jarrett of course, and Paul Bley has some beautiful solo piano albums out. for duo there's a nice one I've been listening to lately- also recorded well- Kenny Barron & Charlie Haden. For more on the classical side: I like, (as others have said) Murray Perahia for Chopin, (that 70's recording of sonatas # 2&3 is sooo nice), besides all the others... Andras Schiff for Bartok, oh- and Zoltan Kocsis plays Debussy beautifully. What I've really been blown away with recently though is a 2CD set of Messiaen's "Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant Jesus" played by Pierre-Laurent Aimard, on the Teldec label. WOW! Amazing playing, and writing. and recorded well to boot, albeit it maybe a bit bright.. worth checking out, especially if you like Messiaen.
Ivan Moravec - an extremely intelligent and compelling musician, particularly rewarding as an interpreter of Chopin. Try any of his recordings for the Connoisseur Society label.

I'll check out some Ivan Moravec, thanks for the tip. By the way- your moniker- I have a friend who's family once had a beautiful home by the same name...
He has cut albums that are solo piano, some with a band, and some combo. Solo efforts include "Spirit" and "Soul Nature". "Gateway" is a great CD cut with his band. Good combo performances include "Coming Home" and "Collection"(a best of). His works are usually listed under the New Age category.
Billy Barber of Flim and the BB's fame cut 2 CD's in the middle 1980's. Nice to listen to on a rainy day.
Chris Anderson is AMAZING. I've never heard anyone play the piano like him.

Horace Tapscott is definitely worth checking out too!
Liz Story - it's simply beautiful music.

Phillip Aaberg had a solo album out in the the mid "80s called "High Plains" on Windham Hill. Nice recording of some wonderful stuff. Wonder what ever happened to him, Montana boy?
Rudolf Serkin played Beethoven's piano sonata 30-32. Live recording released by Deutsche Grammophon.

He just provided totally different perspective.
As always, I've got to mention Bill Evans. I never heard a release of his that I did not absolutely love. Got to agree with Jay@viaccess.net, for suggesting Jerrett, Bley and Haden.
Shostacovich: Preludes and Fugues, 2CD set on Melodiya, played by A.Nikolajeva.
You can have the same by Keith Jarret on WEA I think, much less impassioned and less thoughtful rendering, more "romantic".
Jessica Williams has quite a few CDs out (www.jessicawilliams.com - get them direct from the artist) and always amazes me in concert and on disk.

Michel Petruccianni "au Theatre Champs-Elysses" has a 40 minute improvisation of his favorite songs that causes me to marvel at his inventiveness and technique.
I want to thank everyone. I love the piano and now have lots
of new names and music to explore...
Willhiem Kempf playing Beethoven sonatas on Deutche Grammophon LPs are fantastic.
Beam yes, you are right, he gives a very romantic rendering. I suggest you try Friedrich Gulda on Beethoven or Sljatoslav Richter, if you can find the LP's. Its also interesting and I find rewarding, speaking of Kempf, to compare some of his renderings of the sonatas with his contemporaries, which would be Claudio Aarau and Backhaus and last not least Clara Haskil, who however was rather a Mozart,not so much a Beethoven pianist. Also, if you find old monos with Solomon, it will probably prove to be a revelation. Cheers,
"water Music of the Impressionists" by Carol Rosenberg. Older CD, I don't know if it is still available.