Favorite Romantic Female Vocal Song(s)?

My favorite listening is romantic vocals by females. Usually these are Jazz or standards...ie: Diana Krall, Sarah Vaughn, Ella...and the list goes on. I know there must be gems out there that I am just not aware of....help me out here with your suggestions and favorites. Thanks!
patti smith: "horses"
You dont have to say you love me by Dusty Springfield
Hi ! Am looking for good stereo system for female vocal. Is it Audio Reserch???
Sunao: You should try asking her, politely. Or is it a surprise?
Sara K., Rebecca Pidgeon, Christy Baron, Janis Ian, Patricia Barber, are a few of my favorites.
Claudine Longet, not the best by any means but very romantic. Also "Miss" Peggy Lee "Riders in the Sky" that's "Ghost Riders", good for a cowboy fantasy. Different strokes for different folks.
Roberta Flack "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"-- from Roberta Flack CD "Softly".
"Save your love for me" Nancy Wilson with the Cannonball Adderly Quintet.
Bette Roche on Bethlehem records 3 record set "Porgy and Bess". She is SOOOO sexy on "Summertime".
Lots of good suggestions here. I'd like to add Emmylou Harris, "Wrecking Ball". Also since it's almost Christmas, how about that Eartha Kitt song to Santa. And, Marilyn was the definition of romantic singing "Happy Birthday" to JFK.
Shirley Horn "Ultimate" CD, oin Verve.
Lots of good recommendations and no surprises. If you are looking for a "sleeper", however, check out Jan Arden. I heard her open for Aztec Camera several years ago and was blown away. Those of you who like Margo Timmons (Cowboy Junkies) will probably like Jan Arden, too. Check out the self titled CD. This is romantic, but angst filled music. Romance goes bad, too.
Her "Time for Mercy" cd is one of the very few cds I own that I enjoy front to back.
Brenda Russell "Piano in the Dark", 1988 A&M. Also Jane Birkin "Raccrochez C'est Une Horreur" (Hello, Hello), probably more sexy than romantic.
Rgd, that's the CD I'm referring to. Goofed on the title. I agree about the front to back comment.