Favorite reviewer?

What are some of your favorite reviewers, and why? Also, any you don't care for. Can be from either mags or online.
Favorite is the one I'm reading at any given time. I (almost) always appreciate their effort. That being said, I do like John Potis, and the fellows at sixmoons.com.
Back in the day, I always liked Corey Greenburg. It seems like he was kind of run out of reviewing on a rail, but he could hear and always made me laugh.
My first choice is the amateur reviewers here on audiogon and audio asylum. Take a bow guys!

My second choice would be Roy Gregory from HiFi+. He seems insightful in his reviews.

My third choice would be Paul Bolin. (I like how he compares units directly.)

My very last choices are Art Dudley, his infusion of political nonesense is not appreciated, nor necessary to the review of audio equipment, and also Mikey Fremer, who not only has the same problem as Art, but whose methodology of reviewing is very poor. (Thanks to those two I have saved myself $10 a year, as I no longer subscribe to Stereophile.)
I like both Art Dudley and Roy Gregory. They're both excellent reviewers but they're also good writers, something sorely lacking in audio criticism.