Favorite punk song.

Mine is Primary by The Cure.  You may not think of them as Punk now, but this song has Punk in spades and it has a story with some serious attitude.   What's yours?
"Holiday In Cambodia" by the D Ks
Gang of Four-"Damaged Goods"

Mission of Burma-“Thats when I reach for my revolver”
Teenage Lobotomy - The Ramones
Bing Crosby- White Christmas
I second Teenage Lobotomy by the Ramones.  Or I Wanted Everything.  I also nominate the Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen (I have a first edition English 45 single of it complete with a slip sleeve featuring a portrait of the Queen) and any of the tunes on Television's Marquee Moon,

The Stooges -- Down on the Street
X - “What’s Wrong with Me”
Punk Rock Christmas- by the Ravers          Heard It Through The grapevine- by the Slits

Sex Pistols- Pretty Vacant
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I will have to say The Buzzcocks " I' Believe" Sorta an anti punk song coming in at over 7 minutes but Pete really spells it out big time in this one.

If I was going  to go for less than 3 minutes...Husker Du "New Day Rising". I  got to see that band only once.
Something off of Never Mind the Bollocks. Probably God Save the Queen.
O.G. punk-

The Who's 1965 "My Generation" The lyrics and spirit of the song is THE MOST "Punk" before there was "Punk" Who was first.

Does anyone remember the scene in Quadraphenia?

Otherwise, GSTQ and the first Ramones album sum up that period.
Bad Brains “Pay to Cum”

the Damned “Plan 9 Channel 7”

Misfits “Braineaters”

Negative Approach “Sick of Talk”

S.O.A. “Gang Fight”

I could go on

and on

and on
Baby Baby ... The Vibrators. Or anything of Pure Mania really.

Caught these guys in a tiny underground club in Nottingham back in 76 I think.
Totally blew my mind!
Does someone listen Little Big?
Excellent suggestions as above. Mine- anything from Black Flag's "Who's Got the 10 1/2?" (Live)

Happy Listening!
My favorite is Teenage Lobotomy - The Ramones this punk song is lovely I've ever heard
"The Witch" by The Sonics. Because they're from the 1960's, their music is referred to as Garage, but it's the sound The Ramones were going for. The best Garage band I ever saw live were The Lyres.
Primary by The Cure. You may not think of them as Punk now, but this song has Punk in spades and it has a story with some serious attitude.   What's yours?

I would have classified it more as 'post-punk,' having grown up in that era.
One of my favourite albums of all time.
The Ruts - Something That I Said

Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster
Circle Jerks "I just want some skank"
Something from Joy Division 'Unknown Pleasures'
The Kinks you really got me
Dead Kennedys-California Uber Alles
SCTV's "The Queen Haters"- "I Hate the Bloody Queen"
Too many to name, so I’ll add Stiff Little Fingers “Suspect Device” to the list. 
Too much to list as a favorite 1 song.

+ 15 more bands, brain power limited tonight,  molson Canadian and Moosehead taking control.

love too many songs, to list only 1 fav, not possible.