favorite pass amp?

what is your favorite pass design amp? threshold, forte, aleph, x, xa series. does it get better in each "genereation" , i have an nak pa7 and like it's sound for my 2nd system. what's a good buy < $2000. should i go with threshold ( which model ) or pass aleph, x series, or forte,
revel m20. 801series 3 or martin logan request
possibly the aleph series or the xa would be my favorites of the pass amps. through first watt there is now an aleph j amp that according to mr. pass himself is the best aleph amp ever. i think the aleph j is around $2500 and its a 30W amp, unfortunately just not enough juice for my current speakers. i'm speculating here but the best match of the speakers you've listed would most likely be the revels with that amp.

i own an x150 and one can be picked up for around $2k used, that could certainly drive any of the speakers listed. it would just come down to preferences and system matching from there.

one things for sure pass makes some great amps!
X 350 will drive them just fine has 0 feedback the 250 still uses feedback
I've only heard a few of Nelson Pass's amps, but, the X1000's may be the best amps I've ever heard. Sorry, I can't offer you relevant advise.
Ante up another 600-800 and get the X-250. In the mid 2K range there is nothing better-period.
have you compare an older krell like ksa to the x 250
No I haven't,but I'd like too. Have you?
nope, but i saw your name krelldog i thought you may have more experience with krell
I've listened to quite a few ( X, XA ) and in my personal opinion, the Aleph series is still the best sounding gear out there.
Depends on the speaker load, of course, but connected to a high sensitive one, they are class of it's own.
I actually have my Pass Aleph 30 is driving average efficiency (not high efficiency) speakers in a 12'x17' room with plenty of volume. Unless your room is huge or your speakers are super demanding, there is plenty of power for moderately loud volumes. Most normal listening levels use only a few watts anyway.
Mjcmt, I want to get An Aleph 3 or 30, depending on what input I gather from those who've owned them. The amp will be driving an efficient DIY MTM design, electically crossed at aroung 80hz. with a slope between 18 and 24db/oct. Also, should I consider an Aleph 5, or isn't the extra oomph worth it as far as the difference in sound quality and soundstage worth it?


Funny that you mention DIY MTM speakers. That is what I have. Seas Excell magnesium drivers, with a DiApolito designed crossover, internal wired with Kimber. I'm not sure about the efficiency, probably 88-90db.

I opted for the Aleph 30 over the 3 because of better bass impact, lower noise floor, and slightly less current draw (only 200w). The sound is simply unbelievable. Have considered upgrading but haven't heard anything better for the $$. The only upgrade would be the Aleph pre. I have a Cary 308 cdp and I have had the Cary/AES pre and now have an Audio Refinement(tube sounding)pre. Beautiful synergy but I understand the Aleph prehas perfect synergy with the amp. The price is holding me back, though.

SH, Email me if you want or post here.


Funny you should mention DIY MTM speakers. I use Seas Ecell 5" magnesium drivers with a DiApolito designed xover and Kimber internal wiring. About 88-90db. Play remarkably loud with 30w. I opted for the Aleph 30 over the 3 because of better bass impact, lower noise floor, and slightly less current draw (only 200w). Unbeleivable sounding with Aleph, Cary 308 cdp and Audio Refinement pre. I would like to get the Aleph pre but it is a bit pricey for me. I had the Cary/AES DJH pre but the AR has better synergy. I understand that the Aleph P pre has perfect synergy. That will be my only upgrade in electronics.

Email me if you want to talk further, or post here.
Have any of you had a chance to compared the Aleph J with previous Alephs and or the XA series. As a point of reference I use Joule LA 150-MKII which can drive fairly low input imepdances and Merlin VSMs which efficient (89db) and have very linear impedance almost all above 8ohm and dipping to 6.5 or so at its lowest.
I guess I must be a very loyal Nelson Pass fan. My first amp was the Forte Model 6. And I still have my Aleph Os, and also the X350.5.

The Aleph Os was driving a pair of speakers in my second system. That system has been dismantled since my son was born 3 years ago. My wife loves that setup and would not allow me to sell them. I found that out when I had listed them for sale last year. I actually got yelled at by my wife.

I currently have the X350.5 driving a pair of Verity Parsifal Encores. They sounded really good, especially the bass control. I just found out from Verity that my 50 watt Aleph Os should be sufficient to drive the Parisfals so I will try that out soon and see how it sounds.

It will sound good. It will be interesting to know which you prefer with the Verity - I can't the sense they are easy to drive where you don't loose much by moving from the X.5 to Aleph.