favorite online vinyl vendors?

I'm collecting new links ;) What online stores does everyone use? I know of music direct and elusive disc, what about some others?

1. http://www.acousticsounds.com/
2. http://www.classicrecs.com/
3. http://www.mailordercentral.com/elusivedisc/
4. http://www.mosaicrecords.com/
5. http://www.amusicdirect.com/
6. http://www.redtrumpet.com/

1 -- www.lpcd.de
2 -- www.lpcd.de
3 -- www.lpcd.de
4 -- other
the search function at the elusive disc site is kinda messed up, isn't it? You type in a artist to search for, and it returns quite a hidgepodge of records in response. What's up with that?

I still havent found a good site for "alternative" music (punk, post-Nirvana, etc.) on vinyl. I really would like to re-obtain some Pavement records in good vinyl format.

Try www.midheaven.com and see if that moves your vinyl shopping in the right direction. Another interesting on-line music vendor is Forced Exposure (www.forcedexposure.com), though their slant veers into a much more esoteric realm; experimental, electronica, avant-jazz, psych & prog, etc. They do have a lot of vinyl though and sell a lot of rock music, old and new.