Favorite music list in order

What would be your favorite kind of music that you like / listen too the most. List them if u would like.                           
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This is almost impossible!First thing in the mourning or very late at night I prefer Chamber music,really soft Jazz or even Sounds of Nature.Later in the day it might be Classic Rock from the 60's-80's or Classic Alternative from the 80's.Around dinner mainstream Jazz or Soft Rock/Folk might get the call,on Fridays & Saturdays Chicago Blues(Electric)dominate & on Sundays I ALWAYS start the day with Chamber & Baroque,followed by Jimmy Buffett/Reggae from the classic bands & Surfer Rock all day!
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I love blues.Any music with a bluesy feeling gets my attention.I enjoy other genres too in small doses.Maybe an entire evening of jazz,world music, or even country sometimes.
Lol. I never thought of hearing different types of music at different parts of the day. Like classical in the morning and alternative rock in the afternoon and hard rock at night. Haha. That’s funny. I put on what I want anytime I want. Would make more sense to me if some one said it depends on what mood I’m in or how I’m feeling that day. 
Would that be like listening to gospel or religious church music on Sunday mornings? Lol. 
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Jazz, Rock, Classical, Blues, Folk, Electronica
@tuberist. Thanks. And thanks for a simple answer for a simple question. People make too much out of something so simple 
Mine would be. Classic rock. Rock. Classic pop. R&B , Doo Wop. Jazz. Classical. 
I like both kinds: really good music, and really well recorded music.
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Get up in the morning with Beyoncé "Homecoming - the Live album". What energy! Perfect and heavy modern recording.

Calm down with Greg Brown.
I like acoustic music, folk, folk-rock, country, 70's rock. But truth be told there are only 2 types of good music; country and western. ( I listen to jazz and bluegrass if the missus is not around ). Time of day does not matter, it's what my music mind wants to hear.
80s new wave.  reggae. industrial. electronic stuff. funk.  no particular order, time of day irrelevant.

I'll add my +1 to the time of day makes a difference camp.  I tend to gravitate to 50s and 60s jazz- especially the Blue Note titles that have been so beautifully repressed by Music Matters and others - in the morning with my coffee and newspaper.  In the evening I need a little more juice so I switch over to modern alternative like Liz Phair, Richard Thompson and Los Lobos.  Of course this is not a hard and fast rule.  It's just a listening pattern  I have noticed in the last year or so.  
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Another another+1 for the time of day makes a difference camp.  It’s not a hard rule, just a recognized pattern. I like to start my day with coffee and Brazilian jazz.  I suspect the time of day preferences are really mood related as moods often run through daily cycles.
I don't expect anyone to really follow all this. I'm listing it more for myself, I guess; taking stock is good and it's been awhile.
Morning at home: Jangeling rock music: Byrds, Kinks, (lots of British Invasion rock, tbh), Big Star, Opal/Rain Parade, Eleventh Dream Day, Yo La Tengo.

Morning commute: Lyrically adventuresome rock: Mid 60s to mid 70s Dylan, Tom Waits, Pavement, Guided by Voices, Richard Hell, Minutemen

OR..90s 00s "backpack" hip-hop (again, lyrically acute): Digable Planets, Binary Star, Das Efx, 

At work, in headphones at my desk: usually 20th century small ensemble chamber works: Stefan Wolpe, Roger Sessions, Popper, Ives, Kodaly, Satie
Or, when the task at hand allows for it: heavy psych/stoner rock: Blue Cheer's first two, Mountain, Nebula, Fu Manchu, High Rise, Major Stars, White Heaven.

Commute home: slack rough slop punk and garage. Oblivians, Sic Alps, Oh Sees, Jesus Lizard, Mule, Royal Trux, Dead Moon. US Maple, Lightening Bolt, Monotonix.

Home form work with wife and 8-year old: 50s - 60s R&B, Brill Building pop, 70s singer-songwriter (Carole King, Harry Nilsson, Joni Mitchell, Otis Redding, Staples Singers, Allen Toussaint, Ike and Tina Turner) I'm on a 5 Royales kick right now....and NOLA lilting grooves like Professor Longhair, Art Neville, Solomon Burke.

At night, alone in headphones: avant Jazz small ensembles especially duos: Don Cherry/Ed Blackwell, Hamiet Bluiett/Don Moye/ usually with Fred Hopkins, Julius Hemphill/Abdul Wadada, Kahil el'Zabar/Billy Bang. and South African 70s and 80s Jazz: Dudu Pukwana, Jonny Dyani, Dollar Brand....Chris Mcgregor when I'm up for a large group sound.
+1 to time of day...It also changes by season for me. I'm always compelled to hear Charles Ives and Bella Bartok in the fall....never in the summer. Can anyone read Mallarme in a hammock?
In no particular order--whatever comes up on shuffle:
-80s new wave/alternative
-80s high energy dance/70s disco
-80s/90s house, Italo disco 
-Chill house
-Electronica (current)
-70s classic rock/soft rock
-Classic country

Well I am a huge fan of the 60s music Beatles, Kinks, Herman's Hermits, Rolling Stones etc, I love the 80s New Wave Ramones, Clash, Plasmatics. However there is another side of me that likes Loreena McKennitt, Enya, and I absolutely love Lindsey Stirling. The only two types of music that I do not like is country and western, and rap because as far as I'm concerned both types of music every song sounds the same