Favorite Multi Channel Amp?

I currently have two 2 channel and one 3 channel amps and I was wondering what 5 or 7 channel amps that you would recommend as I would like slim down to one multi channel amp rather than 3 or 4 amps. Please let me know your thoughts.

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Arcam P-7. BAT 6200.
Parasound Halo A51 and 52.
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who's the best dealer for the ATI products?
Might want to take a look at Outlaw Audio. Had good experience with their amps in the past.
ATI makes some of the Outlaw amps for them. Compare features and prices to see which is the better deal. That said also take a look at the Gemstone Blue Diamond.
Theta dreadnaught 2 hands down
Plinius Odeon great sound and a lot of power
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