Favorite Miles Davis release

Given that Miles released over 100 albums, it will be interesting to hear people's favorite.To get the ball rolling, I'm going with Filles de Kilimanjaro. it's a sublime synthesis of Miles, Herbie, Wayne, Tony, and Ron having played together for a few years at the time it was recorded. Add to it that I think this version of a Miles band was the best, notwithstanding the great John Coltrane on earlier bands of Miles'.
Miles Smiles - Davis, Shorter, Hancock, Carter, and Williams just killed it in post-bop brilliance.
Miles Smiles: I'm with ya, bra...BB: groundbreaking and adventurous, no doubt...
Live 1960 Stockholm. 
1.) Kind of Blue
2.) A tribute to Jack Johnson
3.) In Person Saturday Night At the Blackhawk San Francisco, Vol. 2 (Neo!)
Wow, favorite Miles recording. So many great and very important recordings. I agree that the Second Great Quintet was probably Miles’ best band. Then again, “best” has to be in the context of where Miles was at in his evolution as an artist. An evolution that, with the exception of his latest recordings, was always at the highest level of artistry and influence. Still, that particular quintet was simply amazing. My favorite with that quintet is “Live At The Plugged Nickel”, with “ESP” a close second. However, how does one pick a favorite when Miles’ body of work was so stylistically varied? How does one rank “Birth Of The Cool” below any other of his recordings? Amazing artist!
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For me for me it's -

In a Silent Way.

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Another vote for Bitches Brew
Miles Smiles then In a Silent Way
KOB - released in 1959, the best selling jazz LP of all time.  And for a good reason.
Kind of Blue - Some may shun it since it has sold more copies than any other jazz album ever, but that doesn’t make it any less great. It’s an absolute classic that I regularly return to much like Coltrane’s A Love Supreme.
Another I love because is so different from his other albums (funk and he painted the cover art himself) - On the Corner.
I’ll also go with Kind of Blue because it’s magic. Then...
Seven Steps To Heaven
Someday My Prince Will Come
Bitches brew. 
kind of blue.

Miles Smiles or Kind Of Blue have my vote.

Like others, KOB is the best ever (as is JCs Love Supreme).  Love Someday My Prince Will Come, Sketches From Spain (no shout out there?), and Milestones.  

Original release - Bitches Brew

Compilation release - ‘Electric’ Disc 4; The Columbia Years 1955 -1985