Favorite Lp's that have given your system problems

...over the years, no matter how expensive or refined the playback. By "problems" I'm not talking about mis-tracking; I'm more interested in issues of "hardness," shrillness, coarseness, even patches of over-saturation, etc.

I'm interested in anecdotes specifically from those with decades of experience and really high-end systems, esp. Classical.
Not classical, but "Geoffrey Morgan" by UB40 on original 80's issue vinyl has a lot of brassy horn embellishments scattered throughout a very 80'ish pop/reggae mix. This always sounded shrill and lifeless in prior versions of my system.

I broke it out again a week or so back with my current system configuration and it now comes though very nicely as extremely crisp, clear and dynamic. My system and setup has changed almost completely since the bad old days with this particular album with the exception of the Linn Axis turntable itself.