Favorite lp of all time

To me, this subject should have special meaning to each one on a personal level or it's really of little revelence.
My choice is easy in this way, it was released in the 60's, a turbulent time but a time that out of which sprung a plethora of great inspiration and yes, thankfully great music.

Simon @ Garfunkle "Bookends". Such a wonderful lp and even to this day sounds great! I'm listening to the stereo Columbia 360 Sound version. Mine happens to be a nice sounding early copy. This lp to me, defined a generation that others can still relate to right now. How can it get any better?
Frampton Comes Alive!
Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd
Uncle Tupelo - Still Feel Gone [Rock 6070-2]
Moondance - Van Morrison
Fish for Fish self-titled. Only 3400 copies was released. I have one of them mint.
$priceless. $not4sale. $private collection only.
Jashca Horenstein, Mahler Symphony # 1
Live at the Filmore East - The Allman Brothers Band. 1st pressing, pink label of course!
Stephane Grappelli's -Feeling + Finesse = Jazz from 1962 on Atlantic 1391.

Played with the legendary Django Reinhardt in the Quintet of the Hot Club of France etc.

Pierre Cavalli on hollow body simply cooks through this Lp.

* a tip; buy it on the UK Atlantic 1391, not a domestic repress.

Happy Listening!
Sgt Pepper maybe?
London Calling for 33 years.
Remote Control, The Tubes
It all begins w/ Sgt Pepper.
I probably play A Hard Day's Night the most, but my favorite could still be Pet Sounds. Tough call for me.
Easy one for me...

Nazareth - Hair of the dog (important - European original version that doesn't include Love Hurts)...bought it 1976 shortly after it came out and it has been my favorite ever since (and one of the three very first I bought for my own money - the first was Rampant by same group a couple of months earlier) - still listen to it regularly...also, IMHO, the heaviest record ever. Original UK press preferred sound wise, as explained here...


Thanks for a good thread - will keep an eye on this one and check out unknown to me (hope for some jazz and classical recommendations here)...if possible, please state which LP pressing for best sound ;-)

Schubert - for the Mahler you mention, do you happen to have a recommendation as to which pressing?
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" just because it was a double which is better than a single, right?
I have way too many classical favorites on LP to be able to single out just one. But I'll give it a shot anyway: Beethoven Sonatas Opus 53 ("Waldstein"), 78, and 90, Paul Badura-Skoda performing on an 1815 Hammerflügel, Astrée AS73.

Long since out of print on LP, unfortunately. I don't know if it is available on CD. As with most Astrée LPs the sound is incredible.

-- Al
So many wonderful choices but for sheer variety, the "White Album". Honorable mentions go to to "Exile", "Blood on the Tracks", "Pet Sounds", "Tommy", Zep's "III" and the beat goes on.
"Bookends" is a favorite, but Cat Stevens' "Teaser and the Firecat" always makes me feel young again (Tea for the Tillerman is a close second).
Joni Mitchell "Blue", helped me get through my teenage angst years and still a favourite