Favorite live LPs

The elusive combination of exceptional recording technique and artistic presentation coming together briefly...

We all have records that just "do it" for us - be it jazz, classical, vocal, rock, whatever... for instance:

I came across the recently re-re-(re?) released Proprius classic "Jazz at the Pawnshop" on 180g virgin vinyl (PROP 7778-79). I had recently upgraded my cart to a Shelter 501 and I had been enjoying what I thought were some really good sounds as it was breaking in.

I have enjoyed the CD of this legendary performance from Arne Domnerus, Lars Ersstrand & Co. from 1976 for many years, but nothing prepared me for the utter completeness of the illusion that was presented in my not-so-perfect listening space last night and in particular to a piece of music that I thought I knew rather well. The realism (and difference) of what I heard last night was breathtaking. In particular, the presentation of Lars Erstrand's vibraphone. I mean, the instrument practically appeared in front of us in three dimensional space. If you aren't already familiar with this recording, I strongly suggest you find a copy while you're young, and enjoy it for the rest of your natural life. If you can't find one, come over to my house and I'll play it for you. No you can't have mine.

Another is Harry Belafonte's Live at Carnegie Hall (LSO-6006). The flute solo that accompanies Belafonte's voice on Man Smart, Woman Smarter for instance. You not only have a sense of the distance between the flute and Belafonte, you have this palpable sense of the entire dimension of the stage. There is a Classic records re-issue of this on heavy gauge vinyl and even a very limited-edition single-sided 45 LP version (on 8 discs!) that we mortals can only dream about. I have a pedestrian copy of the original 1959 issue but it delivers the goods in spades. I don't care if you're not a Belafonte fan, one listen to "Mama, Look-A-Boo-Boo" or "Danny-Boy" and I guarantee you'll be off to the record store Saturday morning to find a copy of this.

So what pearls have you got in your collection that the rest of us should track down and hear first hand?
Eric Clapton's - Unplugged
Alanis Morisette - MTV Unplugged
Alison Krauss & Union Station - So long So Wrong

These are still available and are well recorded too. The good thing about these live recordings is there's little remixing done.

I've got a couple of others lying around but haven't got the time to listen to them yet.
Patricia Barber Companion; Eagles when Hell freezes over;
Bill Evans Trio "Live At The Village Vanguard"
Allison Krauss & Union Station "Live"
Eva Cassidy "Live At Blues Alley"
Frank Zappa And The Mothers of Invention "Live At The Fillmore"
Yes "Yessongs"
Grateful Dead Entire "Dick's Picks" series
Talking Heads "Stop Making Sense"
Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds "Live At Luther College"
Monk..Live in Tokyo...double album with Coltrane

Loggins and Messina...On Stage (record, 1972)...Angry Eyes and Vahevela sing...rare tune called Golden Ribbons lovely

Live Dead (this is the definitive live versions of "Dark Star", "St Stephen", and "The Eleven" on vinyl..original warner brothers...rhino reissue not bad

this one is a soundboard from the dead's vault....voted best dead show of all time...cornell univ from 1978..don't remember the date...simply a mind blowing performance...ya gotta hear the "Morning Dew"...quite demented
Ben Harper– "Live From Mars"
Sweet Honey in the Rock– "Live From Carnegie Hall"
Various Artist– "Ann Arbor Blues Festival"
neil diamond - hot august night
pink floyd - delicate sound of thunder
- pulse
elton john - live in australia
roxy music - viva
nirvana -unplugged
the angels - live line.
C123666 - I think the GD show from Cornell you're referring to was 5/8/77 (Barton Hall-Ithaca, NY). Legendary second set, absolutely - but I was referring to live recorded LPs.
If any of you would like to dip your toe in a classical suggestion, please consider Van Cliburn performing the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 3 with Kyril Kondrashin and the NBC Symphony, on RCA LP or CD.

It's really a very special performance.

Best regards.
Bonnie Raitt "Road Tested" - in my collection, the live album by which all others are judged.

Brand X "Livestock" - amazing performance and really good quality. Astounding drumming from Phil Collins.

Diana Krall "Live in Paris" - again, terrific performance and sound quality.

Metallica "S&M" - the performance with the orchestra is unique, but listen to it with the band-only track, and you'll really appreciate what Metallica is about live. Another outstanding recording.
The Smiths -Rank
The Smiths - Peel Sessions
Belle & Sebastian -The Black Sessions
Blondie - Picture This
Crass -Stations of the Cross
Duran Duran -Arena
James Brown "Live at the Apollo" (the first one) and Charles Mingus "Live at Antibes." These are two of my favorite records. Neither I'm sure is an Audiophile Approved recording, especially the James Brown, but boy do they capture the all the music and emotion of the concerts. To me that makes a great recording. The live Belefonte lp sounds stilted to me; when I play it I find myself listening to the "hi-fi," not the music
•Ella Fitzgerald - Ella in Rome
•War - Live
•Sarah Vaughn - Live in Japan
•Modern Jazz Quartet - Last Concert
•The Band - The Last Waltz
The Who - Live At Leeds

That is what rock is supposed to be
I enjoy Curtis Mayfield's LIVE! 2 LP set

Great vocals and percussion.

Eva Cassidy -- Live at Blues Alley
EmmyLou Harris -- Spyboy
Little Feat -- Waiting for Columbus
Talking Heads -- Stop Making Sense
The Band -- Last Waltz
Marshall Crenshaw -- My Truck Is My Home
Joe Ely -- Live Shots
Great thread here gang. Airtaxi: the Jazz at the Pawnshop sessions surely must be considered one of the all time greats regarding the art of capturing and recording a live event. The second session of that recording is another gem to search out. A lot harder to find though,as I don't think they pressed many as the first. There are so many great live recordings, hopefully more will post here. A few that come to mind of the top of my head: [1] Blues... John Mayall's Jazz Blues Fusion lp captured live in New york and the second side in Boston. [2]Aretha Franklin's Amazing Grace LP. For Aretha fans,soul music and gospel music lovers, this recording is monumental and sure to send goosebumps down your spine.Catured live in a church in Los Angeles with the congregation, the choir and a great rhythm section that holds it all together. I am not a religeous man,nor am I a church goer but this recording redefines soul music for me. [3]The late great Stephane Grapelli/ David Grisman captured live at the Berklee centre in Boston. [4] Hendrix and the Band of Gypsys's 1969/70 New Years Eve bash capured live at the Fillmore in New York. [5] The Band....The Last Waltz... great stuff here, captured live with legendary guest appearances from Clapton,Muddy Waters,Dylan, Joni Mitchell,Neil Young,Van Morrison,Emmylou Harris and others. Released on Warner Brothers label.... the earlier pressings are really very good and preferred. Slipknot's recommendation of the Bill Evans trio at the village vanguard. That recording is incredible in both content and recording quality, truly special and a must have for jazz lover. Hopefully others will post more. This is great to see as I for one did not know Eva Cassidy's recording of Live at blues alley was even available on vinyl and definately one I will be searching for. Thanks Paul.
I find other lps with very lively sound (not allways "good sound"). The same leage than others you say
- Dylan "At Budokan"
- Carmen McRae "The great american songbook"
- Whitherspoon Rocking LA - It´s digital¡
- The modrn jazz quartet At budokan 1981 Digital too¡

Someone (Live in Paris Diana Krall I cant find as vinyl.

Very little classical guys, even less opera, someone has to listen to it:
Puccini La Boheme Thomas Beecham EMI
Richard Strauss Der Rosenkavalier karajan EMI
Cavalli Callisto Raymond Leppard Argo
Wagner The Flying Dutchman Nellson Phiilips
Gluck Oerfeo and Euridice Raskin RCA
None current but all around 2nd hand
Wes Montgomery, Full House

Fantastic record, vintage Wes backed by The Rhythm Section and even Johnny Griffin on tenor sax. A one-night stand recorded in a crowded club in Berkeley.

Excellent sonics, although the panning is a little extreme but nothing unusual.

I was lucky enough to find a fantastic Japanese pressing.
Not enough classical? Then check these out :

Zukerman Stern Perlman Mintz Mehta
Live performances from the Huberman Festival Israel December 1982
The Four Seasons Isaac Stern, Pinchas Zuckerman, Shlomo Mintz, Itzhak Perlman.
J.S Bach double concerto with Isaac Stern & Shlomo.
Vivaldi Concerto For 4 Violins Isaac Stern & Ivry Gitlis, Ida Haendel, Shlomo Mintz.
Mozart Itzhak Perlman, Pinchas Zuckerman.

Elgar Cello concerto
Jacqueline du Pre, Barenboim
Eric Clapton Unplugged, The Weavers Renunion At Carnegie Hall