Favorite Linear power supply

I have a couple of walwart power supplies in my system which I’d like to replace with a linear supply. It’s mostly computer related such as my router, etc ( I have a Belkin). Can anyone recommend a good choice(s) at a reasonable price point ( under $200 or so?) preferably one unit which could accommodate at least 2 items, as above. I don’t have a tremendous amount of space behind my rack but if it’s not especially big I’ll be able to find it a spot. Thanks in advance.  
Open the wall warts and have a look at the absolute crap they use inside. They are mostly a transformer, with a couple dirt cheap diodes and an even cheaper cap. Usually on some POC circuit board. So for like $10, maybe $20 tops, you replace the crap with quality diodes and caps. Then for bonus points you solder it back together point to point with actual wire, eliminating the thing circuit board trace altogether. 

This makes a huge improvement. Takes up almost no extra space. Guaranteed to perform better than any power supply under $500, and for peanuts. 

The Synergistic Research Active Shielding wall warts in my system are modified this way. Huge improvement. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367

The reason you see no wall warts is after doing the mods they are all hard wired to power and mounted inside the conditioner.
I have MCUR LDA linear power supply for my Clearaudio turntable you could see the difference on the the strobe disc with the wallwart the speed fluctuated ever so slightly with the linear its rock steady I have the upgraded one cost was about $425 the regular one is around $230 they are different amounts depending on application 
The Teradak and Zerozone linear power supplies on ebay (from China) are actually very excellent for the money.  There are several that have two outputs.  You can even get two different outputs (like a 5V plus a 12V output).  However, the dual output models are not going to be under $200.
It's the transformers in the switching power supply wall warts that make them noisy,... not so much the diodes and caps.  Linear power supplies can definitely be noisier than switching supplies as LPS use larger transformers which contribute to magnetic interference and hence AC hum.  The key is to use switching supplies with small but high-powered transformers that can keep produced magnetic fields in check.  You're looking at it all wrong just comparing an LPS to a switching supply - it's the transformer/isolation design that makes a difference IMO - and not some cheap diode or cap.

Teradak make great liner supplies, that don't have "audiophile" pricing. And can be got on ebay, just search.

Cheers George
I use a couple Teradak DC-50W’s and I’ve been very happy with them. They are in your price range. I don’t recommend using one power supply to power two components. It’s best to use dedicated power supplies for sound quality’s sake. Just my personal preference.
@mkgus - the Teradak and Zerozone linear power supplies that have two outputs are actually two separate power supplies.  I have seen some that share a single transformer, but have two independent power supply boards.  I have also seen some Zerozone that actually have multiple fully independent transformers and power supplies within a single case/unit.
Multiple fully independent transformers and power supplies within a single case/unit would be best in that case.