Favorite instrument through your favorite speakersi

I prefer piano and guitar music in general but the clarinet just stands out through my Usher standmounts. Benny Goodman soars inside those small black boxes. Anyone else have a combo that sings?
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I have to say that cellos sound exceptional on these Triangle Volantes. Warm, dark brown, with all the string nuances. Any brass also sounds great. Lots of bite where it should be. 

Vocals, dobro, and harpsichord. They all sound as they should through Quad ESL's.
There are many I like, the Saxophone, of course, but what always makes me shut up and listen is the French horn well played. Wow.

Good thread!  Lately, I've been really enjoying the sound of clarinets through Harbeth M30's.  Anyone here also like Evan Christopher's recordings?
Steve Howe's guitar intro on "Roundabelt" suspends in midair through my Spatial M3's.

But acoustic basses also sound vivd

Aware 'Jazz at the Pawnshop' is one of those recordings that can make damn near anything sound good, but it never fails to harness my (and anyone else around at the time) full and undivided attention when our JA Pulsars place what is most certainly a very real vibraphone right-smack in front of our living fireplace. Never fails to impress.
My speakers of choice are a pair of Wilson Audio Sophias that seem to do everything well to my ears but when I play some vinyl with a reed instrument like a claranet it just soothes my soul. Enjoy the music
Had this a lot back in the day. Remember well one time taking a friend along to help him learn how to audition. See how nice the trombone sounds on this one? Much better than those other ones. Piano not so hot. Etc.

Being thorough of course I also pointed out its not really the speakers, its the whole system that's doing this.
Cerwin vega D-9’s double kick drum 

Energy rc-70s’ electric and acoustic guitar, vocals