Favorite HT in a Box or Similar...

I have a small secondary TV room for the kids and would like to get them a home theatre but don't want to spend a ton of money, and they don't need anything spectacular. I have a Yamaha 100 x 5 5.1 receiver. What are your recommendations for an HT in a box or similar set up? Will I notice a difference between the systems with 4.5 or 5 inch drivers as opposed to those with 3.5 inch drivers?



Try this website Accessories 4 Less . They are an authorized dealer/liquidator for Acoustic Research; Marantz; KEF; and a few others. They have two systems at the $300 that got positive reviews before being discontinued: the AR HC5 (silver finish; Sound and Vison magazine) and the KEF 1005 (KEF silver eggs; any number of British Hi Fi magazines). I have been doing business with A4L since 2000 ... they are very courteous, professional, and reputable. And yes, you will hear the difference in driver size, but I doubt that your kids will .. especially in a smallish room with a subwoofer.

Regards, Rich
I'm also a happy customer with accessories4less since about 2001. Purchased most of cables from them (AR orginal Pro Series ICs, CaTV and AR Master Series Speaker cables and terminations), Ixos XHS756 7 Gamma bi-wires for the car. Always received them the next day too, living 75 miles away. Also on my recommendation my friend purchased the AR HC6 (black piano finish) he being on a budget, from them too.
Again first rate service.
Also look into the HTIAB products from the AVI chain of Energy, Mirage and Athena Technologies, (again all good reviews).
Good luck in your quest.