Favorite HDCD????

Mine personally are:
Garcia/Grisman: Shady Grove...best imaging/sound quality I have ever heard, you'd swear that they are sitting there right in front of you!; and
311: Transistor
I also have the GD box set 'so many roads', but the sound quality doesn't jump out and smack ya. must depend on the recording quality/venue, because some tracks don't really impress me w/ sound quality (the wheel--disc 3 hardly hear the vocals) great set though.

Any others???

I am buying Rejoice III: string quartet/organ christmas music HDCD on the charity auction, anyone heard that one???

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BTW, sorry if this topic has been posted before, this is my first time... ;^}
If you're into Garca/Grisman, the "Pizza Tapes" with Garcia, Grisman and Tony Rice is amazing. BTW, that's with an non HDCD player.
yup, someone is making me a copy of that one that I will get this weekend...:):) very excited!
BTW, copies of HDCD's work just as originals do

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ps...please include some notes about the CD's (genre esp) as I haven't heard of a lot of these guys
Madisonears, just want to agree with you that the first Steven Stills solo album on Atlantic, is way better on HDCD than the first issued CD, but stills(pun intended) not as good as the first pressed LP.
Steven Stills: MANASSAS double LP Set, is also highly recomendable on the single CD HDCD remaster. Overall my favorite Stills Record ever. Creativity Galore!! Musical value in SPADES.......Frank
Mmmm, I don't know about that LP--I had it, and mine sucked. Noisy, lots of distortion, etc. Current HDCD is like a window compared to it.

I've always wondered about Manassas. Don't know why I've never tried it, but I guess I will now. Thanks for the tip.