Favorite Guitar Solo

What is your favorite guitar solo? The one that bypasses your cerebral cortex? The one that best hits your emotional center? Any genre. Any period. Any length. A million notes. Or just one note. Obscure or famous. You can make any excuse as to why you choose it, but explanations are optional. But you gotta choose just one.

My choice? Eric Clapton’s solo in "Sleepy Time Time" from the Fresh Cream album. Simplicity. Emotional ecstasy. Tone.
Agree that there are too many to choose one, but two that come to mind to me are David Gilmour's solo in Pimk Floyd's Comfortably Numb and Jeff Beck in People Get Ready with Rod Stewart..
I agree not a fair question, like picking your favorite pistachio in a 10 lb bag. But for homesickness played thru a guitar, Son Seals 'going back home'